Monday, January 21, 2019

School Life Summary – 2018

As mentioned previously, Sarah would be placed into a so-called “Elite Class” at Standard Five. We all worried that she might face tough time in surviving among the “elites” but amazingly, Sarah fit in well and even get invited to friends’ birthday party throughout the year! And they enjoyed school trip together too. We felt so relief that she’s welcomed by her “new” classmates and teachers.

Jobs, Competitions & Awards

Sarah kept her librarian job and was elected as president in her co-curricular clubs last year. Moreover, she was one of those who awarded with the title “polite little angels”.

Besides the inter-school English story-telling competition, she also represented her school for BM Syarahan. It was her first and she’s thrilled to land a consolation prize.

Speaking of speech, Sarah was lucky to be offered a three-month scholarship at an enrichment center to further enhance her oratorical skill; for that we have to thanks her English teacher for the recommendation.

Another surprise was she won herself a ninth-place finish in the school marathon competition. Sarah told me maybe she has used the right tactic in completing the run. It’s good to train her stamina and she’s looking forward for the next year’s run.

Save for the aforementioned, she also won some prizes in various speech competitions and other contest.

But the real shocker was Sarah being named the 2018 Standard-5 Model Student! And we know this honor holds special meaning for her personally.

We were already grateful of the nomination as a candidate by her form-teacher despite Sarah being a “newbie” in the class. So you can imagine our shock when the final result was announced during Children’s Day, without any prior notice. She was totally numb when called to the stage to receive the award.

What a fruitful and fortunate year for Sarah!

Dancing Class

We thought of terminate her dancing class due to tight schedule and also changed of training venue; it really drain her every Wednesday after whole day at school.

Sarah felt heavy heart to quit the dancing class; she’s really into it as she has shows so much passion. We felt bad too for the decision but finally we’ve relented and let her stays. We were thankful that she’s able to cope between her studies and at the same time pursuing her interest.

Parents-Teachers Day

There was no one-to-one meeting with the class teacher. The teacher held a town hall session with parents and then we went home with the report card. I like the system, very efficient.

Academically, Sarah was doing well in the first half but shown some drop in the second term…buck up, girl! Just try your best and you have our backs.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

11th Birthday

It was yet another simple birthday celebration for our one-and-only Sarah. Just like previously, we tried to make the day memorable by putting on some decorations, serving yummy foods and spending time with families’ member.

There is so much fun and laughter; no wonder September will always be Sarah’s favorite month.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

The 10th Families Trip - Felda Residence Hot Springs & Lata Kinjang Waterfall

This year, we did not travel far for our annual families’ trip; we spent 2D1N at the Felda Residence Hot Springs. It was a location we planned to visit all the while but fail to materialise due to accommodation.

The place is located deep in the rural area of Sungkai, Perak. The resort is basically surrounded by palm tree estates; and we could hear the noise of crickets through the night, along with the amazing starry sky.

The kids were attracted by the open swimming pool with water slides, and various hot springs of different heats and sizes. There is even a hot spring where you can boil eggs. Most of us get sunburnt but yet it was…fun!

We stopped at Lata Kinjang Waterfall the following day before headed home. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Peninsular Malaysia. It was really an eye opener for the children to see the huge and beautiful waterfall.

The kids were enjoying catching fish and playing in the crystal clear water.

Overall, our 10th families’ vacation is both fun and affordable. Another year, another “cuti-cuti Malaysia”.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

PD trip & Sleepover

It’s been a while since I made my last post here; had the thought of “abandon” the blog but thinking it has served a lot of sentimental and memories posts, I’ll better keep carry on at the moment…

Port Dickson 2017
Besides Hong Kong, we had a brief stay at Port Dickson last year. We went to the same hotel as per our 2012 visit, but sorry to say it was a let down this time.

The hotel room was dusty and their services were only so-so. We were saddened to see the beach was scattered with rubbish, and packed with tourists. It was hard to find a safe spot for us to enjoy the beach as Jet Ski vendor were touting their service and parked around the shore.

The hotel pool was not bad though. Less crowd and we end up spent most of our time there.

(171017 - 181017)

During the last term holiday of 2017, Sarah spent some fabulous time with her cousins. It was also the first time her cousin sisters had a sleepover at our house. Sarah was happily sharing her bed with them; she took good care of them by keeping them entertained with games, stories and toys.

The Christmas tree decorating was more fun and easier with the help of four kids.

The sleepover was great. Everyone had a jolly good time.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Magical Hong Kong 2017

If there is a place Sarah yearns to visit, it will be the Disneyland; and guess what, her wish came true last December, as we’ve brought her to the nearest one in Hong Kong.

We touched down and checked-in to our hotel at Sha Tin by noon. It was a wise choice – a clean hotel, professional staffs, punctual shuttle bus, spacious triple room and we have quality sleep during our 4D3N stay.

Hubby has come up with great itineraries, we done everything right for the trip except we’ve underestimated the cold weather conditions.

As we took a stroll to Snoopy World in the evening, the chilly breeze greeted us the moment we stepped out of hotel. Hubby and I were only in T-shirt with shorts so we sure got some strange stares from the locals.

It is “Disneyland” day and it turned out to be exactly what Sarah would have wish for!

It is Christmas season and we filled the fun day with meeting the Disney characters and enjoying various rides. The live musical stage show was also something special.

And their two parades were just awesome and exhilarating; speaking about parades, Sarah was even invited by the Disney crews to join in for the ‘Limbo’ game during daytime parade. What a lucky girl.

Of course, we’ve stayed till the climax of the night – the fireworks show! It was a spectacular symphony of lights, music and fireworks at it best. Those familiar movie scenes were projected onto the giant castle with all the classic Disney tunes, it was mesmerizing for Sarah. I bet this will etched into her memory for a long time to come.

We visited few other Hong Kong landmarks on third day. In the morning we walk through the Central area and riding on the iconic cliff railway, the Peak Tram, all the way to the Victoria Peak.

For those who grown up watching Hong Kong TV dramas, the view from here should be recognizable; and the restaurant we had lunch was kind enough to give us the window seat that boast unparallel view of Hong Kong skyline. The city looks so metropolitan from the top.

In another hand, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok feel so claustrophobia. We hunted for some souvenirs at the Ladies’ Street in the afternoon, before I tried out one of Hong Kong “notorious” street food - the Stinky Tofu.

I was hesitated at first but I summoned enough courage to had few bites; actually I just ate the crunchy skin then gave it a pass…I can’t handle the stench. At least I tried, right?

As night fall we are boarding the nostalgia Star Ferry for a night cruise. This is hubby’s personal favorite. The cruise was relaxing and we stepped out to the open decks to enjoy the sea breeze and a moment of tranquility; the view of illuminated city skyline at the Victoria Harbour was just magnificent.

We gave Avenue of Stars a miss as we already knew it’s under renovations.

The forth day is the day we say goodbye. Unlike previously, Sarah was unable to take a dip into the hotel pool before check-out as it was closed due to winter time.

Throughout the trip, from our casual observations we reckon that Hong Kong is a very walk-able city, and their public transport is super efficient. As for Hongkonger, yes, they walk fast and don’t smile a lot, but to be fair we haven’t met a rude one. Maybe it just our luck, or maybe due to the fact that we speak Cantonese so it make them less hostile.

I was also glad that beside the Stinky Tofu, we’ve tried few others local delicacies; who can forget the scrumptious dim sum breakfast, springy fish balls, authentic wanton noodle with prawn dumplings and the famous Sha Tin roast pigeon with chicken congee.

All in all, it was another unforgettable family outing; and for Sarah, her wish to spend a day at the so called “Happiest Place on Earth” had finally come true.

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