Monday, January 21, 2019

School Life Summary – 2018

As mentioned previously, Sarah would be placed into a so-called “Elite Class” at Standard Five. We all worried that she might face tough time in surviving among the “elites” but amazingly, Sarah fit in well and even get invited to friends’ birthday party throughout the year! And they enjoyed school trip together too. We felt so relief that she’s welcomed by her “new” classmates and teachers.

Jobs, Competitions & Awards

Sarah kept her librarian job and was elected as president in her co-curricular clubs last year. Moreover, she was one of those who awarded with the title “polite little angels”.

Besides the inter-school English story-telling competition, she also represented her school for BM Syarahan. It was her first and she’s thrilled to land a consolation prize.

Speaking of speech, Sarah was lucky to be offered a three-month scholarship at an enrichment center to further enhance her oratorical skill; for that we have to thanks her English teacher for the recommendation.

Another surprise was she won herself a ninth-place finish in the school marathon competition. Sarah told me maybe she has used the right tactic in completing the run. It’s good to train her stamina and she’s looking forward for the next year’s run.

Save for the aforementioned, she also won some prizes in various speech competitions and other contest.

But the real shocker was Sarah being named the 2018 Standard-5 Model Student! And we know this honor holds special meaning for her personally.

We were already grateful of the nomination as a candidate by her form-teacher despite Sarah being a “newbie” in the class. So you can imagine our shock when the final result was announced during Children’s Day, without any prior notice. She was totally numb when called to the stage to receive the award.

What a fruitful and fortunate year for Sarah!

Dancing Class

We thought of terminate her dancing class due to tight schedule and also changed of training venue; it really drain her every Wednesday after whole day at school.

Sarah felt heavy heart to quit the dancing class; she’s really into it as she has shows so much passion. We felt bad too for the decision but finally we’ve relented and let her stays. We were thankful that she’s able to cope between her studies and at the same time pursuing her interest.

Parents-Teachers Day

There was no one-to-one meeting with the class teacher. The teacher held a town hall session with parents and then we went home with the report card. I like the system, very efficient.

Academically, Sarah was doing well in the first half but shown some drop in the second term…buck up, girl! Just try your best and you have our backs.

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