Sunday, July 29, 2018

PD trip & Sleepover

It’s been a while since I made my last post here; had the thought of “abandon” the blog but thinking it has served a lot of sentimental and memories posts, I’ll better keep carry on at the moment…

Port Dickson 2017
Besides Hong Kong, we had a brief stay at Port Dickson last year. We went to the same hotel as per our 2012 visit, but sorry to say it was a let down this time.

The hotel room was dusty and their services were only so-so. We were saddened to see the beach was scattered with rubbish, and packed with tourists. It was hard to find a safe spot for us to enjoy the beach as Jet Ski vendor were touting their service and parked around the shore.

The hotel pool was not bad though. Less crowd and we end up spent most of our time there.

(171017 - 181017)

During the last term holiday of 2017, Sarah spent some fabulous time with her cousins. It was also the first time her cousin sisters had a sleepover at our house. Sarah was happily sharing her bed with them; she took good care of them by keeping them entertained with games, stories and toys.

The Christmas tree decorating was more fun and easier with the help of four kids.

The sleepover was great. Everyone had a jolly good time.

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Kylie Cre8tone said...

lovely pd trip u had there..