Tuesday, February 20, 2018

School Life Summary – 2017

As I summed up Sarah’s school life in 2017, looking back, it was quite a “rough” year for her in Standard Four, actually.

It all started with her exercise book torn off (secretly) by classmates, then spectacles went missing during PE lesson and she was pinched several times at the waist…with some other prankish episodes too, all in a year.

Despite all these setback and disappointing moments, Sarah endures it with great perseverance, and dealt with it courageously. To our surprise, she still thrived in her exams, competitions and performances.

What a bounce back. Well done, Sarah!


Sarah has represented her school for an English story-telling competition and won a consolation prize; it was a huge surprise for her. Besides that, few other prizes were won too during the school competitions. All these were great platforms to boost her courage and confidence.

Sport Day

It was a forth-times-lucky for her! After years of trying, she finally got her first Sport Day medal; it was a 4 x100 meters relay bronze, but it feels like gold to her. Sarah and her team mates showed great team work.


School Trip
Last year, Sarah has traveled up north to Ipoh for the school day-trip. The place she enjoyed and “sweats” the most was Gua Tempurung, as she learnt a lot from explore inside the cave; and it was certainly a fun day out for her and classmates.


Dancing Class
It was the second year Sarah joined the dance class and she was so into it; she’s eager to learn difficult movements through the class, for example cartwheel and handstand.

Of course, the beautiful costumes and make up have made her even a happier dancer.

Librarian and “Computer Ranger”

Sarah felt appreciated that her teachers have gave her the opportunity in holding these positions, two years in a roll.

These have made her feel more responsibility and capable in handling the day-to-day tasks; and we can tell that she is not taking her “job” lightly.

Parents-Teachers Day
It was the shortest meeting with her class teacher ever, it was done and over within five minutes; and the smile on teacher’s face says it all.

Sarah’s exam results have gotten her streamed into a so-called “Elite Class”. It was bittersweet for us, especially Sarah; she prefers not to be switch to another class as she was well liked by classmate.

We write in to appeal for staying and were rejected subsequently; with much hesitation we have no choice but to obey the school’s decision.

Even her class-teacher expressed pities that Sarah has to leave the class. We were just praying that everything will goes well in the “new” class next year.

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