Tuesday, February 7, 2017

School Life Summary - 2016

Once a year, we try to sum up Sarah’s school life in this blog for our own records; looking back, she seems had some good time at school in 2016.

She has participated in several competitions, which were English (gold), Chinese (silver), BM story-telling competitions (silver), singing competition (gold), Chinese poem recitation competition (excellence award), rope-skipping competition (third place) and car stickers design competition (excellence award).

Prizes won were secondary…or maybe just by luck; yet we are proud that Sarah has the courage to step up, and this itself is a true reward.

Sport Day
Sarah loves Sports Day; she worked really hard during the group event last year but still lost. We saw some disappointment on her face but it is also an opportunity to let her know that “sometime you win, sometime you lose”, in life or in sport.


School Trip
She was thrilled when knowing that school had organised an excursion; and we were happy to sign her up for the KL day trip. They went to Tugu Negara, Police Museum, Batik Village and Bird Park.

Sarah liked Bird Park and Batik Village the most! She had awesome time watching the bird show and even bought a beautiful souvenir home; she also tried her hand on the batik-painting (again) during the visit.


Dancing Class
Sarah showed great interest in dancing after seeing her seniors performed during a charity dinner; she adored their beautiful costumes and the graceful movements. She just wished to be like them.

For that, we enrolled her into school dance club last year. She was fortunate to under a good teacher and had the opportunity to participate in a state-wide dancing competition (potential award). Sarah also performed in school and for a fund-raising event too.


“Computer Ranger”
Two years in a row Sarah was appointed as “Computer Ranger” in the class; the job is to help out teacher in operating the digital equipments…well, another new thing learnt, I guess.

To our surprise, Sarah was chosen to be a librarian last year. It was a new responsibility for her but she seems coping well; in fact, she’s looking forward every Thursday to be on duty.

And the job comes with a tie, which will make her looked “smarter” (according to herself).

Parents-Teachers Day
Generally, teacher was very pleased and satisfied with Sarah’s result and behaviours. She was not the top student in class, academic wise, but she definitely showed good attitude towards learning.

What more could we ask for? We were glad that she’s enjoying her school life each day, every day.