Saturday, July 9, 2016

Disney On Ice 2016-Penang

We always wanted to bring Sarah to Disney On Ice show, given that she has missed out previously; and after five years of yearning, it finally retuned to Malaysia.

Although the event was held at Penang but we know we must go, before (we reckon) Sarah could outgrow the show.

I’ve never been to Penang, so it’s kinda “kill two birds with one stone” for me; it took few hours of travelling and we were amazed when finally our car crossing through the iconic Penang Bridge. We stayed at heart of this beautiful island – the George Town, where most of the sightseeing attractions were close by.

Penang Hill was our first stop, where riding up in the tram through the peak was just breathtaking!

The next attraction is the nearby Kek Lok Si Temple. The grandeur architecture of this temple was simply amazing, amid the picturesque hilly surrounding. Alas, due to planning error we arrived at the closing hour, so we just had a brief stop before heading back to hotel. We ordered room service for dinner and the meal turned out surprisingly good.

The first itinerary on the next day is the reason why we are here – the Disney On Ice show!

I must say it is truly a magical and awesome performance all-round; it’s packed with world-class skaters with amazing sets, costumes and stories.

Sarah was totally immersed into the shows, and relives all the classical moments through the songs and dances. We were so glad we made the trip.

After that we visited the Snake Temple. What a letdown, nothing much to see here and the arrogant restaurant owner across the street made us walked off in huff.

Just before sunset we drove to the famous Clan Jetties to see how their ancestors lived in the old time. The place is unique as the plank walkway extended to the sea; it worth spending time to absorb and relax in these special atmosphere. It’s an eye-opening for Sarah.

As usual, on the last day after breakfast she will always wanted to take a dip into the hotel pool; the roof top pool is well maintained and it has great view of the George Town skyline too.

We spent some good time swimming before checked out. Mission accomplished.

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