Tuesday, January 26, 2016

School Life Summary – 2015

For our own records, below are the highlights of Sarah’s school life in year 2015…

Sport Day
Just like the year before, Sarah again took part in a Sports Day event; although she had no luck in winning any individual accolade, but she cheered hard for the team. At the end, her team (Yellow) won!


English Story-telling and Chinese Poem Recitation Competition

She was selected once again for the English story-telling contest; as for Chinese poem recitation competition, it was her first.

                  (I apologize for the poor video quality)

Computer Coding Competition
It was a pleasant surprise that Sarah able to represent her school to participate in a computer coding competition. She won the state level but get defeated at the national level.

Nevertheless it is also one kind of exposure for her.

(060915 & 231115)

Prize Presentation Day
For Sarah’s school, prize giving is part of their annual event; and I am delighted to attend the ceremony.

In total Sarah was awarded with four prizes, which are English story-telling competition (silver), Chinese poem recitation competition (fourth place), computer coding competition (excellence award) and…ahem, the “Polite Angel” award.


Charity Dinner
Sarah’s school held a charity dinner to raise fund in 2015. Most of the children were involved in the performances, Sarah too.

She was looking forward for the big day; the make up and the costume have made her raring to go on the stage.


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