Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little Four-Eyes

The most common vision problems in school-age children are that they’re having a hard time seeing the blackboard.

When Sarah was in Standard One, there were times she will copy the wrong words from school; teacher suspected Sarah is nearsighted and therefore we brought her for a comprehensive check up.

After examination, it was confirmed by the eye care specialist that she has mild myopia and a slight “lazy eye”. Sarah was advised to wear glasses when in class, and also limit the usage of electronic devices.

The next thing we do was to buy her suitable glasses; and she get to pick the lens shape and her favorite color frame too.

Sarah did not feel awkward with her spec, instead she was amused by the new accessory. We keep reminding her to handle with care and so far she’s doing a good job.

The next annually vision screening will be due this August; we just hope that the degrees won’t shoot up high.