Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As mentioned before, Sarah was chosen by school teacher to participate in English story-telling competition last year; and she stunned us all with the result…she won a first prize!

She rehearsed diligently at times before the actual day. We were delighted her effort paid off as she must be presenting her story with poise on stage.

Rope-skipping is something that Sarah loves to do. Incidentally, her school also encourages this fun activity by designated every Friday morning as “group rope-skipping” day.

She always told me how enjoyable it was to play with bunch of friends. She took part in rope-skipping contest as well and her team got third place.

The prizes which she won were given out during the end of last school term. Of course, as a proud parent we were busting with pride when witnessing Sarah stepping up to collect her trophies.