Sunday, April 26, 2015


Being someone who born and bred from Klang valley area, I’m sure there was places that you have visited ages ago, and thought that you will never set foot again…until you have your own children.

Case in point, Sarah has learnt about few landmarks in KL from textbooks ever since she was schooling, and she’s keen to explore; bit by bit, we’ve got the chance to bring her there…

Aquaria KLCC
Admittedly, I was quite impressed with the Aquaria KLCC comparing to other aquariums I’ve been; It’s large, well maintained and has a huge array of sea life to see.

Sarah even got the chance to get personal and touch a gentle little shark! It was such a rare opportunity for her. So if you have kids, I would recommend this place for you, it is educational.


KL Tower
We’ve brought a Groupon deal that came with a sight-seeing tour at observation deck of KL Tower and also Blue Coral Aquarium.

There is nothing to shout about the Blue Coral Aquarium, but the same cannot be said for the spectacular view from the revolving restaurant and the observation deck of the tower.

The 360° panoramic view of KL skyline is simply stunning. You can have the best view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers over the glass windows; with that you can feel the whole of city is under your feet literally.

Of course, we did not waste such great photo opportunity; and powerful telescopes are also available at the observation deck for us to see the view far beyond KL.


One Sunday morning, me and my sisters brought the kids to KLCC Park. It was a beautiful day out which the kids could enjoy playing at the huge playground and also the green.

It must be the most well-keep park in the city. The kids are happy and the green park stands out as an oasis amidst the concrete jungle; after that, we paid a brief visit to the shopping mall.


Central Market, Petaling Street, Dataran Merdeka & Tugu Negara

Have you ever try “staycation”?

In order to bring Sarah tour around some famous landmarks, and let her feel what it’s like walking at the downtown KL, we’ve booked a 2D1N stay at the local hotel during the recent school holiday.

The first stop is Central Market, which located directly opposite to our hotel. Well, Sarah showed not much interest when strolled through the place, until she tried her hand on the DIY batik-painting.

In the evening, we walked across to the renowned Petaling Street and have our dinner there. Later on, we took a brief 20 minutes walk but did not buy anything from the stalls before we left.

The whole idea is to let Sarah see the older part of KL, those pre-war building, and the hustle-bustle in the city from all walk of life.

After back to hotel, it’s Jacuzzi time. It was a perfect way to end our first day at KL.

The next day, we took a leisurely walk to other important landmarks nearby, the Dataran Merdeka and the iconic Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

It was a car-free Saturday morning, and we were totally amazed by the majestic clock tower building, it is so beautifully crafted; and I feel serenity looking and strolling through this historic patch of field.

After checking out from hotel, we headed to Tugu Negara. Sarah has wanted to visit the place since standard one, as she has learnt about it from BM lesson.

We just spent a little time at the monument as the weather was so hot, but at least now Sarah know what it is like.

Toiling through our whole life here, we have lost the imagination toward KL somehow. By being a tourist in our own city occasionally, it let us see the whole place in a very difference perspective…belief me, your kids will be thrilled.
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Agnes said...

very educational trip. So far only managed to bring my girls to KLCC, Petronas Twin Tower, Equaria, Petaling Street in KL.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Agnes,
Thanks for dropping by.
Knowing that you felt the earthquake when you were at home. Thank God that you are fine.
- It was indeed a great trip for Sarah, me and my husband too. The best thing is, the places are located near to me.:-)