Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let’s Swim

It’s a huge milestone for Sarah indeed, she can swim now.

She used to be a kid who scared of water splashing on her face; when in the pool, she will simply hold tight to the rubber ring or our hands. She gets terrified when water just slightly submerged her head.

We understand that it’s normal for a child to have the fear. Therefore, with no forcing but reassuring from us, we just hope that someday Sarah could get rid of her trepidation towards water, somehow.

And that one fine day came…out of the blue, she surprised us by saying that she’s ready to swim; of course, straight away we enrolled her for a swimming class without delay (to pre-empt she changed her mind).

It is a steep learning curve for her, no doubt; but at the end, we are glad that she is able to swim breast stroke and sooner free-style. And with that, it makes steps towards boosting up her stamina and being more confident too.