Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Sixth Families Trip – Melaka

It’s an annually thing that me and my sisters will plan a families trip for mom and dad; this year, we went to Melaka. The last time I visited the place is when I was small, so the recent trip have definitely adds a lot of memory to it.

We have rented a bungalow at the outskirt to accommodate 15 of us on the first day. The price charged was reasonable for this spacious and comfortable abode; each of the room is specially decorated with various themes and colors.

The weather has been kind to us when we reached there, so we can spend the entire noon soaking in the swimming pool.

On the second day, we paid a visit to crocodile farm and butterfly farm. When the kids were exhausted, we checked in to another hotel, which located nearer to town.

Evening time, we went for the famous “Longkang Siham”. It was a place well-known to all travelers who like exploring street food…eating cockles and other stuff at the back alley was truly an experience which we will never forget.

Subsequently we head straight to Jonker Street, alas, the notorious traffic jam just put us off, as we were unable to find the parking after searching in vain.

The last day at Melaka was the most exciting one, and the trishaw ride is surely something we all loved! We also visited the prominent Menara Taming Sari; with the height of 80 metres from the ground, the ride definitely gave us a stunning view of Melaka in all directions.

I will rate five stars for this 3D2N holiday. We all had so much great time bonding with families while discovering this historical town.
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Small Kucing said...

stay there much better than staying in hotel :)

What a wonderful trip

Agnes said...

We dropped by Malacca on our way to Johor 2 years ago. The traffic jam was really bad during weekend. It is nice place to visit.

紫清 said...

Can I ask how u all get d bungalow unit?

Adrine said...

Nice holiday! For a big family holiday, it's always nice to get a bungalow where everyone can stay together.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Adrine and Kathy:
We really had so much good time together.
The best thing is, the place is clean and comfy.

Oh yes...I was shocked to see the cars inside the town too, jam jam jam!