Monday, October 20, 2014

Primary Standard One

Time flies…Sarah has been studying at Standard One for about 10 months now.

I still remembered the excitements when she first entering the primary school; for us, she carried herself very well on that day. She walked into the school with confidence and understands teacher’s instruction correctly; her smile has lesser our worries that she will shed tears on the first few days of school.

We are happy that the class teacher sees some ability in Sarah and assigned her to become group leader. The “job” trains her to be a more responsible person. She just loved it!

I considered she actively participate in most of the school activities. She has volunteered herself in Sports Day event, Teacher’s Day performance, skipping rope and story-telling competition; we applauded for her bravery to go on stage.

So far, Sarah is coping quite well with speaking Mandarin and writing Chinese words. She struggle a little initially, but now she’s not shy anymore when communicate with us in Mandarin.

Traditionally, Chinese school is a school of hard knocks…well, the choice has been made, she still has long way to go in her life-long journey of learning.