Thursday, July 31, 2014

2013 Holiday Programmes

Obviously, this is a backdated post; and I’ve never thought of being delay for so long!

During the 2013 year-end holiday, Sarah has joined three holiday programmes at three different centers. The activities included arts & crafts, cooking/ baking, gym exercise and kids yoga.

The one Sarah enjoyed the most was doing yoga with a group of friends; by looking at the photos, I can feel her excitement in the class. Yoga is good for her as it increases the body flexibility, strength and concentration.

Sarah also learnt some arts and crafts techniques like weaving, T-shirt painting and soap-making. Every time she will came home with some art works that she has done at center, and she happily shared the knowledge with me.

Within three weeks, she’s amassed quite a lot of craft works. Therefore, we have turned one of the tables into her display corner.

P/S: Thanks Janice for the Yoga photos.

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