Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wall Sticker and Art

Sarah has been sleep on her own since a year ago; at that time, we did not do any renovation but with some Ikea furniture, her own room was set up. For Sarah, as long as the place decorated with things in pink, she was pleased.

And after that we’ve added some colors to the walls with wall sticker. Sarah get to pick her favorite patterns and it fits perfectly next to her bed. The stickers are good in quality as they are repositionable yet can still apply smoothly on the wall.

To further enhance the sense of belonging about the room, daddy suggested to Sarah to use her art works (from art lesson) as another wall décor. Daddy then put in some effort in framing the pictures and the outcome was wonderful.

With a little money and time spent, we have just transformed her slumber land into a playful and lively place.


Cynful Pleasure said...

good work!! and beautiful art work by Sarah!!!

Our Princesses said...

Wow... the art work coloring is so nice... got outline with nice shade and dark too... bravo Sarah girl!

Small Kucing said...

I bought stickes but but but...till now didnt stick

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe...start start start, ok:-)
I am sure J will like it.

Woww, you are very detailed leh in looking at her art works.
The art works indeed has different colouring tone.
I am happy that she showed improvement in colouring.

Never thought that her art works can save me some money in decorating her wall.

Rose said...

Wow! More like Sarah's private gallery in there. Haha. Nice artworks.

Adrine said...

I really like the art wall. Very nice!