Monday, February 17, 2014

So long, kindergarten

Now that Sarah’s already in her primary school, looking back, I guess we’ve chosen the right kindergarten all along.

Sarah had nothing but wonderful memories for her preschool; over the three years of kindy life, this shy girl has slowly gaining confidence in few aspects, for example making friends, talking with teachers and stage performance.

We always felt blessed as her teachers were ever helpful in building her self-belief. They guided her well and gave her opportunity to perform some duty in the class, and even let her play important role during her final year concert.

Speaking about the concert, we were at the front row watching Sarah acting and dancing. It was truly an amazing and proud moment that our little girl has grown up so much, right under our nose.


On the last day of the school, Sarah cried badly. She felt the heavy heart to leave her beloved teachers and friends, and she knows this is it. Move on, she must; and with the guidance and support she have hopefully it prepared well enough for her life in primary school.