Thursday, January 9, 2014

Final Year in Kindy (2013)

Gosh! This is such a backdated post; in fact, Sarah’s already at the primary school!

This post is all about Sarah’s last kindy progress report. It was also the final time we met teacher to talk about her class performance.

The good comments were Sarah behaved obediently in the class and her writing is quite neat; but the teacher is concerned about Sarah’s concentration, or the lack of it, sometimes.

Teacher related there was a time she double-copied things from the whiteboard (for homework). When checked with Sarah, she explained that sometimes she misinterpreted teacher’s instruction, hence, the double-copy.

For that, we encouraged her to speak out more with teachers if she needs any clarification, any time.

Let’s see things will get improve in the primary school…



Iriene said...

Give Sarah some time, she will be more outspoken. My son when he was small, he hardly interact with his teacher. His class teacher told me one day, my son so quite and hardly talk as if in his mouth has gold inside that if he opens his mouth, the gold will drop
But today, he is quite outspoken when he need to point out his views.

Would like to wish you and love ones "Happy & Chinese New Year"

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Iriene,
Thanks for dropping by. How are you and Jemsem?
- Thanks you too for the encouragement given to Sarah. She definitely needs alot of confidence and courage in expressing herself.
- Give a big clap to Jemsem in becoming a more outspoken kid:-)