Monday, December 29, 2014

Seventh Birthday At Home

Sarah had a wonderful birthday three months ago; she just turns seven. She requested to have the celebration at home, instead of restaurant. Therefore, we’ve ordered some simple party foods and invited family members over to celebrate Sarah’s big day.

Decorations were the first thing came to mind when we decided the party to be held at home; so we have to invest some hard works and time to accessorize our living hall.

Sarah has been wishing for a piñata for long and her wish was granted that day. I got the tips and pointers from YouTube in making a pull-string piñata; it takes time but it worth the efforts.

Of course, playing with the piñata was the highlight for the day. The kids and adults loved it! It was a great surprise for them when the candies and treats dropped to the floor.

Although it was just a small party but we believed that it did make Sarah felt extraordinary and exceptional on that day.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Sixth Families Trip – Melaka

It’s an annually thing that me and my sisters will plan a families trip for mom and dad; this year, we went to Melaka. The last time I visited the place is when I was small, so the recent trip have definitely adds a lot of memory to it.

We have rented a bungalow at the outskirt to accommodate 15 of us on the first day. The price charged was reasonable for this spacious and comfortable abode; each of the room is specially decorated with various themes and colors.

The weather has been kind to us when we reached there, so we can spend the entire noon soaking in the swimming pool.

On the second day, we paid a visit to crocodile farm and butterfly farm. When the kids were exhausted, we checked in to another hotel, which located nearer to town.

Evening time, we went for the famous “Longkang Siham”. It was a place well-known to all travelers who like exploring street food…eating cockles and other stuff at the back alley was truly an experience which we will never forget.

Subsequently we head straight to Jonker Street, alas, the notorious traffic jam just put us off, as we were unable to find the parking after searching in vain.

The last day at Melaka was the most exciting one, and the trishaw ride is surely something we all loved! We also visited the prominent Menara Taming Sari; with the height of 80 metres from the ground, the ride definitely gave us a stunning view of Melaka in all directions.

I will rate five stars for this 3D2N holiday. We all had so much great time bonding with families while discovering this historical town.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Primary Standard One

Time flies…Sarah has been studying at Standard One for about 10 months now.

I still remembered the excitements when she first entering the primary school; for us, she carried herself very well on that day. She walked into the school with confidence and understands teacher’s instruction correctly; her smile has lesser our worries that she will shed tears on the first few days of school.

We are happy that the class teacher sees some ability in Sarah and assigned her to become group leader. The “job” trains her to be a more responsible person. She just loved it!

I considered she actively participate in most of the school activities. She has volunteered herself in Sports Day event, Teacher’s Day performance, skipping rope and story-telling competition; we applauded for her bravery to go on stage.

So far, Sarah is coping quite well with speaking Mandarin and writing Chinese words. She struggle a little initially, but now she’s not shy anymore when communicate with us in Mandarin.

Traditionally, Chinese school is a school of hard knocks…well, the choice has been made, she still has long way to go in her life-long journey of learning.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Kitty Town

The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour has been opened for some time now but only last year we had a chance to bring Sarah there.

It was a long drive from home; half way through the journey we pulled over at the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary to let Sarah see the beautiful creatures. It was an eye-opener for her.

It’s already late afternoon when we reached Johor, so we stayed over at a hotel before the next day plan. Oh, the hotel has a rooftop pool for us to unwind and the pool water is freezing cold!

After a good night’s sleep we departed to the Hello Kitty Town the next morning. We were shocked by the huge crowd queuing at counter when reach there; luckily we still managed to get the tickets just on time before the action started.

As you might already know, the place is all things Hello Kitty! Beautifully set up, nicely decorated; and there were ranges of activities available for the visitors. We decorated the Kitty cookies, bracelets and also beatify ours nails in the Kitty Nail Salon.

The stage show and parade were the highlights of the day. Their costumes were lavish and colorful but the best part was, the performer would invited the kids to join in…How fun!

And of course, we will never miss the opportunity to take picture with their mascots.

We only bought single-park ticket this round, but it’s already exhausting enough and occupied us for more than half a day; but nevertheless, what a mesmerizing trip.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

2013 Holiday Programmes

Obviously, this is a backdated post; and I’ve never thought of being delay for so long!

During the 2013 year-end holiday, Sarah has joined three holiday programmes at three different centers. The activities included arts & crafts, cooking/ baking, gym exercise and kids yoga.

The one Sarah enjoyed the most was doing yoga with a group of friends; by looking at the photos, I can feel her excitement in the class. Yoga is good for her as it increases the body flexibility, strength and concentration.

Sarah also learnt some arts and crafts techniques like weaving, T-shirt painting and soap-making. Every time she will came home with some art works that she has done at center, and she happily shared the knowledge with me.

Within three weeks, she’s amassed quite a lot of craft works. Therefore, we have turned one of the tables into her display corner.

P/S: Thanks Janice for the Yoga photos.