Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Loose Tooth

Sarah is going through an exciting phase of her childhood now - she dropped her first baby teeth (upper central incisor) last month, and second one (lower central incisor) few days ago.

Furthermore, she got a third one which is wobbling!

It was by chance I checked on Sarah’s teeth and we were shock that it started to feel shaky; weeks later, it dropped out naturally while she was having her meal. The second one came out few days ago when she was about to take bath.

The tooth is now nicely kept in a small container, and we’ve told her about the tales of Tooth Fairy too. It meant so much to Sarah, it was quite a milestone…she is growing to be a big girl.

By the way, we can see that her permanent upper central incisor seems erupting soon…
(231113 & 141213)


Mummy Moon said...

She is a good girl, like her happy face. How old is she now?

Rose said...

Ooh. Did the toothfairy come and exchange coin for the teeth??

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe, yes yes.
At first, the "blur mommy tooth fairy" did not know the way to go about it, therefore she google search to find out more info:-)