Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Addendum (Sarah sixth birthday)

Before I forget, there is two addendums I wish to jot down in this blog as regards to Sarah’s sixth birthday.

The Gift
Being a girl, she desires to have the Barbie Vacation Glam House as her birthday gift…well, she got it this year.

It’s quite a huge set, and it is solid too; the house has a beautiful pink door and the double-storey movable tier make the house looks gorgeous and cool. I must say it worth the money paid.

Another wish Sarah have for birthday is to dine at the sushi restaurant; she likes sushi but mostly we bought it from supermarket previously.

Her first dining experience there was awesome. The conveyor belt seems enough to keep her entertained for the entire meal.

We ordered kid’s meal for her; the food served slow, so she can finish it real fast once the food came.

Good foods and nice place, as expected, she already plans for the next visit when mommy’s birthday.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

For nature lover, I am sure Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) at Kepong should ring some bells.

My neighbours recommended it to us, and indeed what a great place it was. The surrounding are full of trees and greens, scenery landscapes and a small waterfall…it’s about time to sent Sarah back to Mother Nature.

We went there for picnic twice recently; the first outing was with neighbours and the subsequent time with our family members.

We all enjoyed the refreshing dip at the waterfall, and children like sand-play the most. There was another cool treat – the “fish spa”, which I let small fishes nibbling away the dead skin of my feet; it feel tickling and…weird.

So trust me, parent, it is worth to ask the kids to put down the iPad, and experience the great outdoor.

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