Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Won! Thrice!

Once in a while, my fellow blogger friends (like June and Kylie) will tips me about some contest organized by certain company.

A case in point, we’ve just take part in three Barbie contests namely “Barbie colouring”, “Barbie fashion designer” and “Barbie and me look alike” in the space of two month, courtesy of Mattel.

In each time, Sarah and I worked together in completing the task. No doubt we are eyeing for the prizes, but I also forewarned her about putting too high hope.

And here are our entries…

Guess what, we win! Three out of three! So now, Sarah has two sets of Barbie Fashion Design Plates Kit and a set of Barbie Colour Stylin’ Hair Doll as her prized possession.

If this is not called luck then I don’t know what is.