Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun Day Out to Seremban

Sarah and I have visit Ostrich Farm and Yakult Factory during school holiday. The trip was organized by a church group at our community; we paid a very reasonable fee in return of constant cheer and laughter throughout the outing.

And to make things more fun, my sister and neighbours (with their kids) were with us too!

Ostrich Farm
The one-hour bus ride first brought us to the Ostrich Farm. This place is much cleaner and have bigger compound compare to Port Dickson one; they have a guide to take us around the farm and explained all things about ostriches.

Due to the scorching hot sun, Sarah and I was hesitated to try out the ostrich ride; we also give it a miss for a chance to stand on its egg.

One funny thing about the farm is they got a lot of hungry goats wandering around and nibbling at our pants and bags…Sarah stood close to me the whole time to prevent become a goat feed.

After the 90 minutes visitation we had our lunch at a nearby café and then took off to the next destination.

Yakult Factory
It was the first for me and Sarah to have any factory tour. We got to see the entire production line of Yakult, but unfortunately photo-taking was prohibited…or else it will be quite good to share it here.

We learned about Yakult’s history too; Sarah found it interesting because it was presented in comic form. Of course, it won’t be a completed tour without any free sample of the cultured drink and goodies, so it is a big smile on Sarah’s face at the end.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Balloon Twisting

I never expect to start twisting balloons myself, one day. It’s fascinating for me every time seeing a clown sculpting the balloons and turned them into animals, flowers or other shapes.

I am very afraid of its squeaking sound (moreover when it pop) but if I can overcome this, it will be a wonderful thing to do for Sarah…so I decided to give it a try!

My heart stop and my palm sweat when I bend and twist the balloons for the first time; it was a scary experience.

Till now, I’m still a beginner who depends on the tutorials from YouTube; and to do better I just have to practicing it more.