Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Art Book

Sarah loves drawing, but let face it - she still needs a lot of improvement. The drawing she enjoyed the most were “stickmen” and “smiley faces”.

She not only would add smiley face to human but also animal.

It is enjoyable (and I can’t help but giggling inside) every time seeing how she puts her thoughts and imagination on paper.

To further encourage her, I’ve downloaded some step-by-step drawings guides from internet and compiled it into an Art Book.

Sarah has attempted to draw a few…although the outcome was not exactly the same as the original, but we were still pleased with her effort in trying.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 School Holiday – Second Term (Part 2)

Sarah likes to watch food-making videos, and she will imitate those chefs’s way of preparing the foods; it is fun to see her acting and pretending like a professional.

Therefore, during the recent holiday we’ve signed her up for two food-related holiday classes – a Sushi making workshop and Food Fun class.

Sushi Making Workshop
It was a 2-hours workshop which conducted by a chef from Sushi King. Few of my friends and neighbour (with their kids) were there, so it is more like a gathering cum workshop.

I had great fun catching up with friends but for Sarah, she showed boring face initially when the chef explains about Sushi 101.

She only rejoiced when she was allowed to eat the sushi at the end of the class, and also brings home the goodie-bag and with bento set.


Food Fun Class
It was a five-day course which let Sarah participate in making some kid-friendly recipes at a nearby centre; as expected, she just loved it.

She said the teachers let her involved in some of the baking steps and also taught the knowledge of food science; besides, each of the children will bring home a portion of the food for tasting.

Everyday, when she reaches home she will just gobble up the stuffs she made at the centre.

Both of these holiday programmes were good to keep Sarah entertained, and also occupied her free time.
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