Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 School Holiday - Second Term (Part 1)

Biking with Cousin
For Sarah, holiday will be extra fun when her cousin brother is around; as in the past, my mom and nephew were coming over for a short stay during the recent holiday.

Both the kids love each other’s company; and the activity they like the most are – hanging around at the park, morning and evening.

But this time, instead of fooling around, they also learned to ride bicycle. Maybe due to “peer pressure” and also the support from each other, it does fasten their learning pace.

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Colmar Tropicale (Bukit Tinggi Bentong)
We had our family trip to Colmar Tropicale at Bentong during the holiday. Well, since it is not a big hillside to wander around, it takes us just a couple of hours to explore the places.

Despite it was only a 2D1N stay, but as ever our main aim is to spent quality time with our family members.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

See, Ma, No Training Wheels…

For once we thought we were never going to see this…

This has been no doubt the most “productive” holiday ever for Sarah – she is now able to cycle on the two wheels bike, finally.

We started training her since last August. I guess she’s not ready then, she just does not enjoy the process; she showed moody face and shed tears during the course.

Actually, we can see that she was much closer to success but she gave up! Alas, so near yet so far, and she has stopped practice since...

Now, ten months later, Sarah loves cycling; she will cycle to the park every evening. But she needs to enhance her balancing skill when on the path way, and to improve in using the brake.

Practice makes perfect, I believe she will biking with minimum wobbling in no time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Parents-Teachers Day (Year Six)

Just before school holiday, we went to Sarah’s kindy for Parents-teachers Day; as usual, we were also given the progress report.

The class teacher said she has no problem handling Sarah in the classroom. To our delight, the teacher further commend of her obedience and politeness. The only thing Sarah needs to improve is to speak out more confidently; yes, at times, she will felt uneasy especially when communicating with a grown-up.

All this while, I encourage Sarah to feel more comfortable speaking in different situations and with various people. We see some improvements but we do believe she can do better.