Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mini “McDonald's”

Since who-know-when, Sarah loves to watch these kinds of Japanese food-making thingy from YouTube.

She is keen to try her hand on it, I know; it just that we thought the product can only be found in Japan, until my Japanese neighbour able to helped me to source it locally.

Warning: this “toy” involved tedious process in getting the “food” done, and parental guidance is a must. We spent about 90 minutes to complete it.

Sarah was so happy, with the outcome quite satisfying; it does look and tasted like a real thing (yes, it is eatable, no kidding!). For us, the “food” is a bit pricey to “play” with, but at least her wish fulfilled.



MeRy said...

so cute....really can eat?

Cynful Pleasure said...

oh.. my girl always watched this kind of youtube video but didn't get it for her.. can share the price and where you got it from? tq

ChloeRuoyi said...

I saw your photos in FB and I'm quite impressed! Looks fun to play with. I think I saw something similar in Aeon not too long ago...but dunno those can be eaten or not. Are the food made of the real thing, like the fries... are they really made of potatoes?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Cute and fun to make too:-)
- Yeap, its edible.

Breanna watched the similar video too?
My neighbour got it from One Utama Shojikiya. Empire's branch has it too.
The price is RM13.99 (I lupa liao), hehe.

I was impressed too when the flat packed thing turned into a food which is eadible. Never imagine that.
- ooo, Aeon does sell it? Great, next time IF I want to buy another cooking minituare for Sarah, I will get it there, thanks!
- Err....Actually I'm unsure about the ingredients in making the food. But my Japanese neighbour told me that Japan always very particular and concern about food ingredient, especially kids food. So she said, don't worry about the ingredient. Is safe to be consume.

Small Kucing said...

wow edible...sure nice.....errr.....better hide from my son else he wants too :p

Rose said...

Wow! CAn be eaten some more. Really amazing!

cre8tone said...
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cre8tone said...

cute! Does it taste nice?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Cute hor..they are very mini.
Taste, there are few foods which is similar to MCD, for eg the "cheese" and "coke".

Rose and Kathy:
Yeap, its edible. Really a unique "toy".

Its really something fun to be played. Buy one lah for Joshua.