Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mini “McDonald's”

Since who-know-when, Sarah loves to watch these kinds of Japanese food-making thingy from YouTube.

She is keen to try her hand on it, I know; it just that we thought the product can only be found in Japan, until my Japanese neighbour able to helped me to source it locally.

Warning: this “toy” involved tedious process in getting the “food” done, and parental guidance is a must. We spent about 90 minutes to complete it.

Sarah was so happy, with the outcome quite satisfying; it does look and tasted like a real thing (yes, it is eatable, no kidding!). For us, the “food” is a bit pricey to “play” with, but at least her wish fulfilled.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yeah, she won!

Sarah has long been eager to participate in colouring competition; by chance, we got to know there was one hosted by KFC at Subang Parade recently. So, she got her wish and we are grad to let her have a try.

With RM10 participation fee, Sarah was given a door gift, Chicky Meal, taking part in games and of course, joining the colouring contest.

It is her “virgin” show; we keep remind her that it is not the prize that all important, it is the process that counted (we try to pre-empt her disappointment).

With some patience, Sarah managed to finish her works, and to our surprise, it is the happy ending-she got a consolation prize!