Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In these days, if you still haven’t bring your kids to Kidzania (or Lego Land, for that matter) you will feel like a bad mommy. Luckily, Sushi King came to my rescue as I’ve just been chosen to be one of the winners for their slogan contest, and the prize? A pair of Kidzania tickets!

Sarah’s cousin was in her company for the outing. They started very energetically and excited but ended looks jaded; maybe they weren’t expecting to wait so long for the “job”. Anyhow, they managed to try out few occupations like firefighter, cashier and they get to make their own burgers.

For the “kidzos” they earned they spent it too. Sarah went to beautify her face and nails with face-painting and manicure, while her cousin bought some eraser.

It is just a few hours of role-play but we do hope they learned something about the “working life”, and have fun. As for me, I’ve never before thought of winning anything through a contest, frankly. How wonderful.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Port Dickson 2012

Sarah has the penchant of staying in the hotel; when asked, she said the swimming pool and the breakfast attracted her most. Therefore, we’ve brought her to Admiral Cove Port Dickson for a 2D1N stay recently.

They have decent hotel room, quite spacious, clean and comfortable. To us, their breakfast meal was just so-so but Sarah likes it nevertheless…she gobbled up the cereals and fruit juice.

Given that it is PD, the holiday will never completed without splashing time at the pool and the beach. It was nice to see Sarah showed a little more confident inside the water this time around.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia is still cheap, so with a short trip to re-charge ourselves annually, why not?

(211212 & 221212)