Monday, December 31, 2012

Crunchy Crunchy

Stir fried French bean with Vermicelli
I’ve cooked this countless times and now only I remembered to share the recipe with you all.

The crunchiness of the french beans, with a little saltiness from the fish sauce and dried shrimps was such a fine blend.

The vermicelli is so loved by Sarah. She is a big fan of the dish, and she can gobble up quite a big portion of it.

Jicama Chili Sticks

When I was googling for some jicama salad recipe, lucky me, I got this.

You can enjoy this Mexico street food by just using four ingredients: Jicama, lime, chili powder and salt; and the preparation are unbelievably easy!

I highly recommend this cooling and refreshing snack to everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skipping Rope

I was fascinated to jump rope exercise during my childhood day. I often skipped lunch just to play the game with friends at school; it entertains me great deal during those time.

Fast forward to now Sarah loved this game as much as I do. She started practicing it months ago; of course, she will trip at times, and after numerous trying, she get exhausted and then stopped.

Recently Sarah skips with the rope again and with added patience and perseverance, she has pick up the skill gradually; she’s now able to complete seven to eight jumps in a row.

Jumping rope might be an old fashion game, but it’s still a fun and inexpensive way to keep Sarah active. Agree?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Year in School (2012)

The recent Parents-teachers Day has just put a smile on our face.

As usual, we relish the chance to discuss one-to-one about Sarah’s progress in school. To cut things short, teacher commented that Sarah is now more independent and confident of herself (a big leap from last time).

And the surprise came when we was about to end the conversation – that Sarah was among the chosen few who get the “Special Award” this year!

We felt really proud of her and were pleased that all her hard work and efforts is recognized by teachers with their positive remark.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

School Carnival

My alma mater has organized a fund-raising carnival months ago and to show our support, we decided to bring Sarah there; we were more than excited for the day as she has never joins such activities before. Of course, this kind of outing will be much fun if more kids are there, therefore, we asked along Sarah’s cousins.

I was happily showing Sarah around my school compound but predictably, the kids are more interested towards the games. To their credit, they’ve actually tried hard on the games and won some prizes too!

Coupons, free foods, clown show and a lot of pressies…carnival is always a guarantee fun family outing.