Monday, October 15, 2012

She’s still trying…

Dora the Explorer
It was by chance I saw the advertisement from Nickelodeon that there is a Dora story-telling session held at the MPH Subang Parade. Sarah was so eager to see the mascot although she felt a bit scared when the big Dora appeared in front of her.

But she surprised us by insist that she could take photo (all by herself) with Dora without my company!

She even so brave that she voluntereed to answer a question from story-teller to get a prize. 

We went to the story-telling session again in the subsequent month (for a difference story); we think it’s a rare occasion for Sarah to see the Dora “in real person” than in story book.

(260812 & 230912)

Meeting with clowns would still be her biggest fear!

Sarah went to her classmate’s birthday party. She totally freaked out the moment she saw the clown inside the house (although she knew in advance); she tried to hold back her tears but she’s just overwhelmed.

We really thought she will have an unpleasant evening but things turned better; she manage to calmed down and later started played with friends. She ends the night by taking photo with the clown. Yippie!



mNhL said...

She is very brave! Both my kids will freak out when they saw this huge mascots!

Cynful Pleasure said...

Sarah is very brave!! My girl don't even dare to go near the clown, but if you ask her if she want the balloon, she will say YES, but mummy go take!

Kitty said...

Yaya, agreed with the others. Sarah is brave. My kids will run far far away when they see big mascots! Well done, Sarah!

Small Kucing said...

bravo to Sarah

Agnes CF Lee said...

The Dora mascot is so big, no surprise that Dora will scare some kids away. Look like Sarah enjoyed the activities.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I was shocked too seeing this big size mascot. I think she is bigger than Barney.
- Sarah was more enjoyed during the first time activity. But when we went there for the second time, she kinda know what to expect, and most of the time she yawn too due to the tiredness she got from her school trip.
Overall, it was still a great experience for her.


Thank you for your comment.
I think Ryan just need some time to calm down if he sees a big mascot. Then he will be ok in taking photo with them.

Sometimes Sarah will behaved like Breanna too.
She loves the getting goodies from the mascots or clowns, but she will asked me to get it for her. The last time she did that was during xmas when she bumped with a Santa.
- Thanks for your comment my dear.

Hui Li:
I think is a matter of time kids overcome the fear in meeting mascots.
Add oil to YX, XJ and Sarah too:-)

Unknown said...

Hehehe..Where did Sarah get that brave heart from? (From the family, and the environment). Don't worry, the fear may go away in time.

Rose world said...

Ooh! I think my kids would be dying to meet and take photo with their favourite cartoon character, Dora. :p

wenn said...

she had fun..that's great!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, I am happy that she had fun (at last) when she met with the clowns.

Jan and Jay like Dora too?
Hopefully Dora will be performing at your place soon, so both of your kids have the opp to watch the cute mascot.

MommyAngel said...

Bravo to Sarah. I think she is doing great already. At least she managed to snap a picture with the clown now. Good work!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I am unsure about how Sarah got the courage everytime she sees mascots and clowns.
But I think she knows that value of "appreciation". Therefore she appreciate and treasure the opp that she has.

Thanks Caroline for your comment and encouragement.
I was shocked too that she willing to take photo with the clown. Not bad yea, hehe.