Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Good and The Ugly (of the Holiday)

The good
The recent mid-term school holiday was a mix bag for Sarah. On the fun side, spending some quality time with her cousin and “popo” makes her a happier kid…

(200812 - 240812)

The ugly
In the other hand, during a day out at the lakeside, as Sarah was too eager to show her cousin about the place, she ran and she fall! What a “spectacular” fall it was.

And guess what, she fall AGAIN on the next day at playground.

Both of her knees were hurt so badly and bleed. She cried out loud during the wound-cleaning process.

The three-days-old wounds

It took about a week for the wound to “dry up”. I guess there will be scars on her knees but this will serve as a reminder for her not to be over-excited at times.

Wounds closure and started to heal on the eighth day.


MeRy said...

poor girl..........

Cynful Pleasure said...

poor Sarah.. hope she learn a good lesson from there... maybe next time got to keep remind her to run carefully..

Small Kucing said...

ouch must have been very painful. But then scars will heal la since she is still very young. Will fade as she grow older

Kitty said...

Oh dear. Must be very painful for Sarah. Don't worry, the scars will go away. I enjoy seeing both of them cutting the veggies. This is a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I should try that one day too!

Merryn said...

aiyo.. pity sarah. that must hurt a lot when she shower..

Adrine said...

Ouch! Poor Sarah.
Hope she's ok now.

Rose world said...

Oh dear. That must be painful. Poor Sarah

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks all for your concern.
Sorry for my late reply here.

Sarah is ok now but the scars still can be seen. Hopefully the daily applying of bio oil helps in healing the scars.

During shower, I let her sit on a stool and covered it with a thick towel. And slowly scoop the water on to her body.
Luckily all went well. She did not felt the pain at all.

Haha...just to let them playing with some "masak2" without kacau me while I am baking.
Its a fun activity when seeing them cut2 and kacau2 the "mixture".

Yea, have to remind her not to run whenever I saw her do so..aiyo, hati berdebar-debar!