Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fifth Birthday

We always tell Sarah how blessed she was and make sure she keep that in mind…

A case in point, she just had her advance birthday celebration last week with all of the family who loves her; the playmates, the decorations, the food and of course not forgetting the pressies.

On the actual day, I have prepared some party packs to be given out to her classmates; in addition, we brought her for a treat at Tutti Frutti.

As the icing on the cake, her photo was also chosen by the Disney Junior “Birthday Book”.


The birthday wishes I’ve received from FB were tremendous! Thank you all for putting a smile on her face, she was one such lucky girl.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Good and The Ugly (of the Holiday)

The good
The recent mid-term school holiday was a mix bag for Sarah. On the fun side, spending some quality time with her cousin and “popo” makes her a happier kid…

(200812 - 240812)

The ugly
In the other hand, during a day out at the lakeside, as Sarah was too eager to show her cousin about the place, she ran and she fall! What a “spectacular” fall it was.

And guess what, she fall AGAIN on the next day at playground.

Both of her knees were hurt so badly and bleed. She cried out loud during the wound-cleaning process.

The three-days-old wounds

It took about a week for the wound to “dry up”. I guess there will be scars on her knees but this will serve as a reminder for her not to be over-excited at times.

Wounds closure and started to heal on the eighth day.