Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I’ve not been to cinema since Sarah was born. Every time we talk about watching movie Sarah will not show much interest as she was intimated by the loud sound.

And thing changed after she started schooling; Sarah has told me several times that her friends watch cartoons at cinema…I think she’s kind of envy towards them and she wish to do the same.

Well, finally she told me she is ready, on one fine day. We brought her to watch Madagascar 3 and I thought she will be nervous throughout the 1.5 hours show, but she did not. Sarah was quite enjoying although she cover her ears for the first 30 minutes!

We had a pleasant movie day-out and Sarah was looking forward for the next one because she loves the popcorns so much, unsurprisingly.


Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp
It was coincident we bump into the Enfagrow Smart Camp at Sunway Pyramid. Sarah was hesitant to join the games and activities, but she was attracted by the goodies and “maze” set-up in the game.

After much struggling, she summoned enough courage to finally join the camp!

Sarah showed a little anxious throughout the activities but she was so proud of herself that she can make it to the end and got all the freebies.

We are proud of her too.


wenn said...

good to watch movies once in a while..

Cynful Pleasure said...

she is so much grown up since I met her... look at her happy smile.. :D

Kitty said...

She has grown taller! I like to see her smile. She is like a mini u :). So adorable!

Syahidah Ishak said...

Hehehe.. Likes that Sarah is smiling and like to go to watched the movie..

Syahidah Ishak said...

Hehehe.. Likes that Sarah is smiling and like to go to watched the movie..

Little Kit Boy said...

oh..Sarah has grown up so much...what a sweet young girl.

Sarah is so brave. My boy too dislike stepping into the cinema as he is afraid of the loud sound system and also darkness. Despite we succesfully watched 2 movies in the cinema, but when we ask if he wanna go for movie in the cinema, the answer is always no. :(

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Jenny for your comment.
- Kit also dislike loud sound system, just like Sarah hor. As for Sarah, her first reaction when she heard loud noise will cover her ears tightly. That wat she done too during the movie outing.
- Is ok Jenny. I am sure Kit will be ready for movie in no time.

I like her cheeky smile on the first photo too.
She enjoyed her pop corns more than the movie, alamak!

Yeap, time flies...Sarah will be turning 5 in Sept.
I like her smile too. Thanks for the comment.

My husband is a movie goer. I remembered we surely watched movie one or two times a month when we were dating.

Ya wor Kitty, Sarah really grow so much taller in these few mths. She will always excited to get herself measure on the height chart.
- Mini me...like your statement:-)