Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chalk Drawing

I still remembered how much I love using chalks to draw on the blackboard in our time; but nowadays they don’t use them any more at class. For that reason, there is no surprise Sarah love the idea when I first introduced the chalk to her.

She first asking me to draw hopscotch at the car porch, and then we took turn to think of a theme and drew it out subsequently. We had so much fun in drawing but Sarah cried when I erased her sketch at the end of the session (she thought the picture will stay there forever).

To pacify her, daddy came out with an idea to let her doodle on the pillar inside our house, for once. And there she smiled again.

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mNhL said...

Cool dad & mum ! I dun think my kids will have the chance to draw with chalks.

Unknown said... is so cool!!! Have this quality time together!!!

Cynful Pleasure said...

look at her smile! PRICELESS!

Kitty said...

YA, I agreed with Cynthia. I love her smile!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kitty and Cynthia:
Thanks for your lovely comment.
She was surprised with dad suggestion to draw on the pillar because she never expected she could draw INSIDE the house!

It was really had the lovely bonding time with her. Best of all, I could enjoy the drawing too!

Hui Li:
I am sure you have your concern with not letting YX and XJ to draw with chalks:-0)