Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chalk Drawing

I still remembered how much I love using chalks to draw on the blackboard in our time; but nowadays they don’t use them any more at class. For that reason, there is no surprise Sarah love the idea when I first introduced the chalk to her.

She first asking me to draw hopscotch at the car porch, and then we took turn to think of a theme and drew it out subsequently. We had so much fun in drawing but Sarah cried when I erased her sketch at the end of the session (she thought the picture will stay there forever).

To pacify her, daddy came out with an idea to let her doodle on the pillar inside our house, for once. And there she smiled again.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I remembered her, and I will make sure I never forget.

She’s in a better place now with no pain. 

Rest in peace, grandma.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


“Masklophobia” means fear of masks or mascots; well, Sarah is having this phobia since she was small. She will afraid to see lion dance, clowns, Santa Claus, mascots or any person who dressed up in costume. Like most thing in life, the more she loathe, the more times she bumped into them.

As Sarah grows up, she tried to fight the fear by watching them on You Tube. We constantly explained to her what mascots actually are, and she seems to get it, but somehow she still will panic and intimidate by their presence. We know she already tried hard to overcome her fear.

There is one time we saw a Yakult mascot at a shopping mall, and he is giving out balloons. Sarah felt struggle because she wish to get one but she was afraid being closed to him. Finally under our encouragement, she summons enough courage to give it a try and she even shakes the mascot’s hand and took photo with him. Yes!


After the incident, Sarah has become braver. To proof that it is not a one-off, we then brought her to the see Doraemon and Nobita. We were amazed that she’s agreed to take picture with them without hesitation.

Keep it up, girl, well done.