Monday, June 25, 2012

Parents Teachers Day (Year Five)

Parents-Teachers Day is really a time we looking forward yearly. We always feel excited, worried and anxious about the comments coming out from Sarah’s teachers; well, basically it’s a mixed feeling walking into her classroom and holds the talk.

As expected, her class-teachers discussed all her strengths and weaknesses forthrightly that day. Teacher said she lack confident in drawing; and further commented that sometimes Sarah being ignorance when friends trying to play or talk with her.

Like every parents, it’s natural we wish to hear compliments towards our kids, but we will never stop correcting her when needed so.

Therefore, we told Sarah about the comments from teacher; and recently we noticed there is some improvement in her drawing works. We are glad that it works.

In summation, we think she still needs encouragement and more assurance in making friends. I believe she can do it, but just need a little more time.



Unknown said...

Joanne, I also believe that we need time to see the outcomes that we want from our kid. There is some progress in Sarah, don't worry about that. You are the best teacher coz you know what best for her. The continuous effort and commitment from parent, friends are important here. Don't give up Joanne. Jia You!

MeRy said...

Joanne, you may consider sent Sarah for art class,it does help to improve her drawing and colouring skills. I sent Ryan to his school's art class 3 months ago and I did saw an improvement in his colouring skills..but of course,need lot of practices at home too.

Cynful Pleasure said...

kids nowadays very 'pressure' la.. kindy 5 already got parent teacher meet.. my time, my teacher only meet my parents at std 2.. that also coz I was just too lazy to do homework.. hehe..

Small Kucing said...

what the teacher mean by Sarah being "ignorance"? Meaning she shy or what?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, sorry for my poor english.
The "ignorance" that teacher and we meant is, Sarah just do not want to make any reaction towards her friends, when the girl wanna play with her.
There was once, her friend sang her a birthday song (main2 saje, not on Sarah's actual birthday). Then after her fren sang, Sarah just walked away, just like that, without giving any response to the girl.
Sometimes Sarah also behaved like that at park. If there is someone tried to play with her, she will walked away!

Ya leh Cynthia. I really pity them. Sometimes I see the homework, I also pengsan! It is so susah; I only learnt that when I was in std 2 or 3.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks yeah for your lovely comment and encouragement.
Yes, I do agreed that every babies and kids have their own pace of learning and development. So they definitely need time to progress. Therefore, patience in the "essence" in parenting (for me), hehe.

Thanks for your idea.
Sarah told me that she loves learning art, therefore I did sent Sarah for a session of art class (trial). She looked fine and happy. But eventually she rejected to attend the actual class the following days because she saw some mascots pictures (The studio's Outdoor activities) printed on the art studio flyer. She has the phobia that the mascots will appear in her art class. Altho much convincing and assurance, she still hesitated to attend.
I do not force her, because if she can't overcome her fear, she will not happy with her learning.
- Yes, practice makes perfect. I bet Ryan will do better and better in art.

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen was like Sarah too last time..ignored her friends. Now, her communication is better but sometimes very quiet wan.

Sarah is very guai, listen to your advise and improved herself now.

Kitty said...

My lil boy also the same. He doesn't mix with others when he first started school, now at least he has a few friends. Sarah handwriting is very neat!

Rose world said...

My 6 years old girl has improved this year. I was surprised when her class teacher told me that she is very bubbly in class. Like the previous years, she hardly talk in class and keep to herself. Academic wise she is one of the top in class but still need some encourage to boost her confidence level. :0

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Woww, Jan is the top scorer in class! Mommy surely proud of her. Bravo bravo!
- Good that Jan become more a warm and happy girl. I guess now she will be more enjoyed going to school and mingle with frens.

I think as soon as the kid is more confidence in socialising with other children, eventually making new frens would not be a prob for him/her.
Bravo Ryan!

Mommy Gwen:
From reading your blog all this time, I noticed that Gwen has grown up so much. She is more confident in her daily activities.
I am proud of her.
- haha, mommy is a "tiger" at home. So Sarah has no choice but listened to my words:-)