Monday, June 25, 2012

Parents Teachers Day (Year Five)

Parents-Teachers Day is really a time we looking forward yearly. We always feel excited, worried and anxious about the comments coming out from Sarah’s teachers; well, basically it’s a mixed feeling walking into her classroom and holds the talk.

As expected, her class-teachers discussed all her strengths and weaknesses forthrightly that day. Teacher said she lack confident in drawing; and further commented that sometimes Sarah being ignorance when friends trying to play or talk with her.

Like every parents, it’s natural we wish to hear compliments towards our kids, but we will never stop correcting her when needed so.

Therefore, we told Sarah about the comments from teacher; and recently we noticed there is some improvement in her drawing works. We are glad that it works.

In summation, we think she still needs encouragement and more assurance in making friends. I believe she can do it, but just need a little more time.


Monday, June 18, 2012

2-in-1 Celebration

Every May and June our family will usually have some 2-in-1 celebrations as my father’s birthday is coincidence with Mother’s Day; and my mom’s birthday concurrence with Father’s day.

Father’s Birthday (cum Mother’s Day)
This year my father turned 60; dad love singing so much that we have booked a dining room with karaoke system to celebrated his day.

Dad sang his lung out, others too! I am glad that Sarah no longer afraid of the loud PA system, as compared to two years ago. Despite that, somehow she looked quiet and sat still most of the time.

Quite a lot of photos were taken on that day and I chose the best to be posted here.


Mother’s Birthday (cum Father’s Day)
Mom’s birthday is just a month apart from my father’s and it was my turn to organize the event. I decided to have a simple dinner at my house; to avoid the trouble of cooking and cleaning I’ve ordered some catering foods from my friend.

The gathering was cool (the kids will sure agreed because I’ve set up a water pool for them). They have so much fun soaking inside the water as the weather was extremely hot.

During the cake cutting session mom cried happy tears; it was certainly a touching scene. My dad also feel surprised with his Father’s Day present, as he never expected we will make him a photo album which comprises all the highlight moments from the previous month celebration.

The smile from our parents truly warmed our heart.


Speaking about father’s day, lest not forget about “another” daddy in the house - Sarah’s Daddy!

TGIF will always be our first choice for casual western dining; and this time we went to The Curve branch. Well, I’m disappointed by the cleanliness of the place but still have a great dinner with my lovely husband and daughter.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gardening Fun

It’s my idea to always get Sarah involved in doing house chores, baking and even gardening.

The other day I saw the sunflower seeds at market place; I thought it will be fun to have the seed-planting session with Sarah. Frankly speaking it is new to me too but I am happy to learn together with her.

We followed the instructions closely which printed on the packaging. Sarah loved the process of soil-loosening and she spreading the seeds into the pot.

When we were done, I told Sarah we have to wait patiently for the baby plant to grow and the flower to bloom; but I never expected it take two months and it feel like eternity for her. She kept checking the pot daily to see the sign of life.

After long wait the flowers finally bloomed. We were thrilled to see the gorgeous sunflowers, at long last. Sarah just; loves her flowers; she took care of it well and asked me to hide away from strong wind when it rain.

Then the flowers withered one day. Sarah has now bought a packet of carrot seed and she is eagerly to plant it, keep our fingers cross.