Monday, May 28, 2012

KizSports & Gym

I think Sarah has addicted in those big set of indoor playground; she just couldn’t get enough after Critterland.

There was once we went to the top floor of Empire Shopping Gallery and spotted the KizSports & Gym; due to late hours, we intend to only come back on the following week…but as expected, she protested and cried.

Pity her, so we kept our promise and brought her there the next week. Although their play set is not as big as Megakidz or Critterland but Sarah still manage to enjoy her time there. The place is clean and spacious.

As we were checking out from the outlet, Sarah was shocked when she saw a clown at the nearby function room. She dislikes clown.

She covered her eyes and we left home.


MeRy said...

I also feel weird that Ryan also dislike clowns...last Saturday I brought him for an event at Bank and there was a clown in the hall and he seem showing black face to the clown..until the clown gave him a balloon.

syahidahishak said...

Actually, I was so afraid of clowns. It is like a nightmare on Elm Street. I afraid of clowns because he/she was so different, got diff color for hair, hands, shoes & etc, that made me think of different thing..hehehe..well, I remember that the clowns gave me baloons (3-4 I think) in a hospital, to cheer me up when I was a kid. The clowns make me feel happy, of course I will 'tutup mata masa tu' until that clowns dissappear.

Small Kucing said...

J also dislike clown

Kitty said...

Nice place for kids! How much is the entry?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes Kitty. The place is big and spacious. And of course clean too!
- I can't really recall how much. But I guess shld be RM38 for weekend and RM35 for weekdays.

Is it?
So Sarah is not alone:-)
Normally what Joshua do when he saw one?

Frankly speaking, I am afraid of clowns too. I think due to their make up, attire and behaviour. Feeling not so comfortable being wit them.
But I know I gotto be more brave than Sarah if I wish to convey Sarah to confront with a clown.
- Ya, tutup mata is the best way to solve the fear:-)

I always tell Sarah," you are lucky to see clowns, as it is not cheap to get them to perform". But Sarah still scared whenever she sees them. Still can't overcome the fear.
- At least Ryan is still ok with taking the balloons from the clown. Sarah WISH to do that, but she just couldn't.