Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have made few types of “kuih” recently. And I am relieved that it still turned out okay that it motivated me wanted to tried more and more…

Pulut Inti
Source: My Kitchen Snippets
Pulut Inti took slightly more in preparation than other “kuih”, but worth it! It’s palatable and everyone gives a thumb-up.

For me, I enjoyed the “wrapping” the most and it was fun shaping the banana leaf and presented it nicely when served.

Abok Abok Sagu
Source: Anncoo Journal
If you don’t mind those chewy-yet-sticky texture foods, and like the aroma of Gula Melaka, this “kuih” might suit your taste buds.

The outcome was kind of…okay; well, I just puzzled by the little bit of bitterness…I suspect it might from the juice of the “young” Pandan leaves.

Sweet Potato Kuih
Source: this recipe came from one of my FB friend; the steps were easy to follow.
300g sweet potato (steamed and mashed)
200g sugar
150g tapioca starch
100ml coconut milk mixed with 150ml water
Some shredded coconut (add some salt and steam for 5 minutes)

1) Mix all the ingredients (except the white shredded coconut)
2) Steam for 10-15 minutes and let it cool
3) Sprinkled with some shredded coconut

Kuih Ketayap
Source: Nasi Lemak Lover
I was not entirely pleased with the outcome; the crepes had a weird (a.k.a artificial) taste. I wonder is it due to the Pandan essence which I’ve used. Luckily Sarah and hubby was not a fussy eater, they finished it with no complaint.

Nevertheless, I have enjoyed so much in making and flapping the crepes.

P/S: The crepes were not in green as I do not have the colouring.


Little Kit Boy said...

Myself, I love pulut. so your pulut inti looks so tempting to me.

Small Kucing said...

wow...the 1st fold it so nice. Mine is like sayur masin LOL

syahidahishak said...

Hehehe, Joanne! You got skills! I try to make abok2 sagu, hah....many times try, finally, got it nicely. First time, the sagu was "keras" bcoz I cook it too long and I leave it at the kitchen, second time, "gula Melaka" was too much, and tooooo sweet, try many times like 4-5 times then got nice!

Kitty said...

Wah, the kuih looks so sedap!! You can consider to open a stall oledi!! I've never try making kuih before. You are really good at it!

Kristie said...

yummmmyyyyy! I love kuih kuih too!!!!! You are making me salivate :D

MeRy said...

I love pulut inti.....lately I am in baking mood...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Give a try on the pulut inti recipe. Altho is lil tedious, but the result is really good!
- Waahh, Ryan surely likes the cakes and biscuits that mommy bake for him.

Thanks thanks!
I am not really a big fans of kuih but is fun making it and sharing it with my family and frens.

Kitty: lah no lah, I am not that pro yet. I still have alot to learn.
- trust me Kitty, you able to make these kuih too. Give a try!

I think I just happened to be the lucky, that the abok2 sagu turned out well.
- Salute for your determination and patience in keep trying the recipe. If me, I will give up!

Thanks Kathy.
No lah, I am sure your folding was that bad.
I wonder did you blanch the banana leaf with hot water before folding it? It will soften the leaf and make the folding easier.

Give a try on the pulut inti recipe. Altho is lil tedious, but the result is really good!

wenn said...

I love kuih muih..

Rose said...

I dont really fancy kuih that much but i like that pulut inti!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Join the club with Sarah, hehe.

Me too, not really a big fans of kuih.
Yea, I think most of us like pulut inti. The combination of sweet and salty taste are just simply good!

mNhL said...

Ahh...i love kuih muih. Thumbs up for your good work :D Am sure your family enjoy every taste of it.

Iriene said...

Everything looks so tempting... truly a blessing! Keep it up, you are blessed with talents and the art of wrapping too :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Iriene, long time did not see you in my blog. How's your life?
- Thanks alot for your comment. Actually I love sharing my food with my family and frens, therefore I love cooking, baking and kuih making:-)
- Oh yes, the "wrapping" is really fun!

Hui Li:
You are kuih-muih fans? Perhaps you should try one of the recipe, so that you can eat all you can:-)
- Thanks for your comment. I am happy that my family members enjoy it:-)

BoeyJoey said...

i loooooooveeee kuih muih!! Keep up the good work!

BoeyJoey said...

i loooooooveeee kuih muih!! Keep up the good work!

UmmiRosma said...

Semua I suka! You can make malay traditional kueh ya...

The ketayap kuih, if in Brunei, they are usually green (pandan extract) plus green colouring. We call this kueh "kueh linggang" and my kids love to eat this kueh too...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You buat lah, I know you can do it well, even better than my outcome!
- At here, the kuih ketayap also in green colour. But mine one is not as I do not have it in my fridge:-)
- Kueh Linggang? Oooo...I never heard this name before.
I think kids would love it as it the sweet flav or the coconut flakes.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Pei Yi for your encouragement.
I wish to make these kuih once again but is not that easy to get the fresh santan. Therefore still delay in the "project":-)