Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bedtime Chat

Sarah and I normally will have bedtime chat; we had this practice since she was about two years old. After the routine story session, we lay down on the bed and we could start talking about almost everything.

Here are some of the “classic” which I found it cute and laughable.

Chat 1 (Sarah=S, Mommy=M)

S: Mommy, all the boys in my class very naughty-one, I don’t like them!
M: How about Lik Hwang Kor-Kor (her male cousin)?
S: Lik Hwang Kor-Kor treats me very nice-one…next time I want to marry him!

Chat 2
All this while, I do teach Sarah about menstruation; and one day she told me this:
S: Mommy, today Dong Zhao (her classmate) got period-wor.
M: Huh! But he is a boy-wor, cannot be-lah.
S: But he got blood came out from his nose…

Chat 3
S: Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a cobbler.
M: Urr…cobbler…not bad-lar; but it will not earn you much money-wor.
S: How about Zoo Keeper? So next time I can pat the lion-mar.
(Too much of Animal Planet TV show, I guess)

Chat 4
S: Mommy, I wish to grow up quick-quick. Because I wish to know I will become pretty or not, good girl or not…
M: I just hope you stay healthy and be a good girl; I will try my best to teach you all the good values…
S: But I wish to grow up to be a princess-wor.
M: No-lah! Your daddy is not a king and mommy is not a queen, you won’t become princess-one.
S: Oh… (Disappointed)

Chat 5
This one involved some Chinese words.
M: Sarah, 造句…风.
S: 风…风很够力 (She meant the wind is strong!)
M: (I almost faint, but I keep my cool and said) ok…how about 造句…火.
S: 火人 (She meant firemen!)
(I start to sympathised her future Chinese primary school teacher…)

Through the conversations we had it makes me realized that Sarah has grown up so much; thinking back sometimes it still make me giggling and smile inside.


Unknown said...

Hehehe.... Like the talks... Kiut!!...Joanne.

MeRy said...

Sarah is so cute and very smart girl.....:)

LittleLamb said...

awwww she is so cute in the asnwers. yes, before we know it, they will be in std 1.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Lol! The "period" one is so funny! Kids' conversations are so innocent and cute, right? I like to jot down Chloe's funny talks too. Feels good to read them again after some time :)

MommyAngel said...

Lovely!!! I love reading them all coz what she said is so cute!!! Ya ..... kids always says the cutest things and how I wish they would stay in that stage for longer ya.

the little prince said...

So funny...
How you teach her about the menstruation?

Our Princesses said...

Yeng, I can't stop laughing and smiling at the jokes and the conversaton though one/two of it you told me before.. Cute dao!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, hope the jokes do brighten up your days:-)

It was a funny chat, like it alot!
Neh, sometimes when I go to public toilet with her (during outing), she will see me change the pad and so on, then she asked me alot of questions.
For eg, what is this? why you have this? When you will have this and etc...

Thanks for reading all the conversations.
- Yea, I do wish Sarah can cont stay at this stage, as her chat with me are really fun.

Actually she has told me about the "chat 2" incident some time ago, but I can still remember it clearly as it is really a funny one from her.
- Good practice by jotting down the funny talks from Chloe. I am sure she will appreciate the effort from mommy as she grows up.

I will surely treasure the wonderful moment chatting with Sarah.

Mery and Syida:
It is a great bonding everytime chat with her. I like it alot!

Rose world said...

Hahah! I also have a bedtime chat with my girl. Everything from school, music, books to grown up stuff. Very funny read your chat about the period. Lol!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is such a nice thing to do right when having a chat with our lil one. Their questions and answers always surprised us:-)
- I love the "period" chat too!

Kitty said...

Sarah is so cute!! I always like kids talk, they will just amazed you!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Its really a lot of fun chit-chatting with kids.
Sometimes Sarah loves to talk so much till do not want to go oi oi:-)

Kristie said...

I love her wittiness! She's so adorable :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Kristie.
I enjoyed chatting with her. Hopefully this will continue as she grows up.

UmmiRosma said...

Just cant help giggling to these cute and innocent conversations....and in fact are logical an extend of a smart child's experiences...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Its really a lot of fun chit-chatting with kids.
Sometimes Sarah loves to talk so much till do not want to go oi oi aka sleep:-)