Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bedtime Chat

Sarah and I normally will have bedtime chat; we had this practice since she was about two years old. After the routine story session, we lay down on the bed and we could start talking about almost everything.

Here are some of the “classic” which I found it cute and laughable.

Chat 1 (Sarah=S, Mommy=M)

S: Mommy, all the boys in my class very naughty-one, I don’t like them!
M: How about Lik Hwang Kor-Kor (her male cousin)?
S: Lik Hwang Kor-Kor treats me very nice-one…next time I want to marry him!

Chat 2
All this while, I do teach Sarah about menstruation; and one day she told me this:
S: Mommy, today Dong Zhao (her classmate) got period-wor.
M: Huh! But he is a boy-wor, cannot be-lah.
S: But he got blood came out from his nose…

Chat 3
S: Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a cobbler.
M: Urr…cobbler…not bad-lar; but it will not earn you much money-wor.
S: How about Zoo Keeper? So next time I can pat the lion-mar.
(Too much of Animal Planet TV show, I guess)

Chat 4
S: Mommy, I wish to grow up quick-quick. Because I wish to know I will become pretty or not, good girl or not…
M: I just hope you stay healthy and be a good girl; I will try my best to teach you all the good values…
S: But I wish to grow up to be a princess-wor.
M: No-lah! Your daddy is not a king and mommy is not a queen, you won’t become princess-one.
S: Oh… (Disappointed)

Chat 5
This one involved some Chinese words.
M: Sarah, 造句…风.
S: 风…风很够力 (She meant the wind is strong!)
M: (I almost faint, but I keep my cool and said) ok…how about 造句…火.
S: 火人 (She meant firemen!)
(I start to sympathised her future Chinese primary school teacher…)

Through the conversations we had it makes me realized that Sarah has grown up so much; thinking back sometimes it still make me giggling and smile inside.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Decay Tooth

I guess the title is telling enough about what was happened to Sarah.

By chance I spotted a grey dot on her left-lower teeth the other day; I thought it was leftover food after dinner. And I was so naive by using a toothpick to try to dig it out, but failed.

We then brought her to see dentist with the thought that it might be some stubborn dirt, and the dentist may just need to use their tools to get rid of it.

It only dawn on us then when being told it was actually a decaying teeth and not one, but four all together - with the filling has to be done on the spot! We agreed as we do not wish the problem gets worsen.

For children, dentist advised that we do only one at a time. Sarah was extremely anxious and worried when she saw the dentist busy preparing the tools and etc…we did mentally prepare her to “see” dentist, but not “do something” on the spot.

There was a moment she almost burst into tears but luckily she did hold it back. For a first timer we really have to give her credit for the braveness.

Bit by bit she was getting more relaxed on the subsequent weeks visiting for the rest of the dental filling. It all went well and she was even able to come down from the chair with a smile.

Since then, I was paying extra attention towards the correct way she brush her teeth and of course, the frequency of eating sweet stuffs.

P/S: those greyspot was her decaying tooth, for self-record.

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