Wednesday, February 8, 2012


As far as I am concern I do not have allergy toward anything, so I thought…

Until recently, the one that befall me was really a serious one! I woke up from my nap (on the fifth day of Chinese New Year) and found the back of my neck, scalp and my back were extremely itchy; after thorough checked, I realized the itchiness was caused by rashes. Without further delay, I rushed to see my family doctor and was given some medication and cream to apply.

I really thought it was settled as the rashes subside almost entirely at night. Alas, but things got worst the next day, now my whole body was covered with the red spots.

Then we decided to see another doctor for further consultation (My family doctor was off on Saturday evening). I had a jab this time with new medication. The doctor did comment that even with jab thing might take few days to recover...which it does.

And my lower lip and mouth started to swollen the following days due to side-effect of the medication. It was not a pleasant feeling as I can’t speak well and unable to close my mouth tight.

Thank God, everything seems getting better on the fifth day as the rashes has ran it course.

Now, I’m back in the pink of health. If you were to ask me, I still have no idea what is the reason that trigger the outbreak, but my best guess is the change of hormone (during menstruation).

I just prayed hard that it would not “attack” me once again!

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syahidahishak said...

Joanne.. I prayed that it won't happen again.

Joanne, jaga diri ye..sweetie.

ChloeRuoyi said...

I also had one recently but not as serious as yours. Oh, I can imagine the itchiness and discomfort that you went through.

Did you trace back to identify any new things that you ate? The doctor told me to find out the cause myself cos she was very sure that it was something that I ate.

Cynthia said...

that's bad... hope it won't attack you again..

Merryn said...

There is this test you can take to determine what you are allergy of but then it is costly. It's a blood test that costs around RM2K.

Small Kucing said...

I had it before too. Hope there wont be a repeated case

prince n princess mum said...

:( so cham.... Hope u fully recovered by now and it won't come back again...

Mummy Moon said...

It is quite serious but glad to know that you have recover.

wenn said...

I can imagine that..very itchy and uncomfortable..take care

MeRy said...

Poor Joanne...hope it won't happen again.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mery, Syida, Cynthia, Kylie:
I am praying hard too:-)
Thanks yeah!

Actually I will not feel itchy whole day long, but when the itchiness strikes me, I can scratch and scratch for good 10 mins.

You also had it? How did it happened?
I really hope the rashes will be gone 4ever!
Thanks thanks!

Thanks for regards.
Yea, it was quite serious. I never see myself like that before.

Thanks for your info. I did not know about the allergy test. Is quite costly hor.
Hmmm, praying hard it don't happened again, or else I might need to do the test lor.

You also had it? How did it happened?
Actually I will not feel itchy whole day long, but when the itchiness strikes me, I can scratch and scratch for good 10 mins.
- Actually I did not eat anything "new" in my diet. All the food I consumed prior to the incident were those I familiar with..

Rose said...

I had it too (similar to yours) few years back when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. It was on CNY Eve when I went back to hometown. I cant take medicine since I was pregnant (about a month plus) so got to rely on cream. Luckily it gone the next day.

Either I ate the fried fishes my hubby's grandma prepared or the seat in the express is not hygienic.

Alice said...

aiyo.....sudden allergy, weird ho. for me, allergy test not necessary because you dont' get that often rite. let's say if it happen again, perhaps you can consider, there's alot of trigger, which you won't know which one.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yea, it was a sudden "attack" on me. So weird but frightening experience.
- Talking about the allergy test, one of my commented that actually it is not that accurate though after paying thousands of dollars. But sometimes when we are in a desperate condition, we will just try all sorts of methods to cure us.
- Thanks alot for your comment and concerns.

Ooo, you had the similar allergic as mine before. It was a terrible experience right?
- Alot of my frens also got the rashes during their preggy time. I guess is due to change of hormone?
But you suspect is due to food or unhygienic environment...hmm...
Anyway, wishing you and I will stay in good health, and shoo away the bad rashes! :-)

MommyAngel said...

So you are fully recovered now? Read this in your multiply and was thinking to ask your condition again here.

mNhL said...

Glad that you have fully recovered. My gosh ! It looks so serious. Allergy is something very hard to cure. It needs time.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yea, I did cross posting this post at Multiply.
Thank you so much for your concern.
I am fully recovered now.

Hui Li:
Thanks for your regards.
Now, I really hope that the rashes would not attack me again.
- Yea, it was quite serious. I never see myself like that before.
Till now, I am still puzzled what was the thing that triggered the allergy.

BoeyJoey said...

wow, yours look really bad... glad that it's over now.

and i must say, you always have the nicest banner on your blog! i love the one you're having now; Sarah there's looks so grown up now, sweet and lovely! :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Pei Yi:
Ya hor, my skin condition was so terrible!
Really really pray hard it wont happened again.
Thanks for your concern.
- Paiseh paiseh, actually I know nothing about the hehe, no no lah. The design job is done by my husband, so the compliment shall goes to him:-) Anyway, thank you again for your compliment.

Ann said...

Wow...really looks bad. Poor you. Did you manage to find out the cause in the end?

Shenny's mommy said...

The sight of rashes all over your body looks really scary. In fact, I went through similar previously after the surgery. Even doctor could not help me to reduce rashes, she only prescribed medicines to stop itchiness. And my rashes slowly went off after a week.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi, thanks for regards.
Till now, I still have no idea what cause the allergy.
But I really pray hard it would not happened again.

UmmiRosma said...

Oh my.....i so scared to see those red patches...i praying that this would NEVER be happening to you again.

In our culture, usually is something like this happen...the old folks would say it is caused by the 'bad winds'.

However, do you know about MINYAK BATU SAI KONG? this is one of the must-have at home...especially if we have skin allergies. It works well...

*take care dear*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Very geli to see the rashes hor. It was like a "map" on my body, hehe.
Thanks alot for your concern. Really hope it won't re-occurred again.
- "bad winds" yeah? I never heard about this but I am happy to know more about it.
I do not neither about the Sai Kong Oil. I did google search about the minyak and it seems like a good ointment.
Thanks alot for your advices. I think I will get one.

Kristie said...

wow u have such a slim sexy body! hehe....

hope you're feeling much much better now :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...thanks thanks!

Now, I am good. Hopefully no more rashes on me:-)

Xie xie!