Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deep Fried Foods

I tried to avoid fried food, but eating it occasionally should be fine. Admitted it, these foods are just delicious.

Nian Gao / Glutinous Rice Cake Taro (Yam) Rolls
It is appealing for me to use Nian Gao and spring roll wrapper as an ingredients for snack/dessert; and after trying it out, I realized they worked perfectly well.

The filling is something which I must highlight here. The combination of sweet and salty taste from the yam, Nian Gao and grated coconut will keep you coming back for more!

Deep Fried Osyter Mushroom
Source: The Momster’s Kitchen
If you are bored with the usual stir-fried mushroom, you may try to deep fry it.

I tried the food once in a restaurant and it’s good that I managed to find the recipe from the internet. So here we are, the crunchy, potato chips-like snack.

Note: I added few more tablespoon of corn flour into the batter, to give extra crunch to the mushroom.

Crisp Tofu Balls
Source: The Star
Compared to the earlier recipe, I would say this one is better in terms of savor and texture.

Actually this recipe was with me for a long period of time and luckily it is still in good condition. I gave it a try few days ago and it turned out satisfactorily and was liken by everyone in the family (especially Sarah).

Note: I omitted the alkaline water as I do not have any in my kitchen.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Foreign Object in Her Nose!

This was the first, and hopefully also the last time Sarah does this to herself…

Out of curiosity, she tries to pokes her nostril with a bendable toy ruler the other day; I stopped her immediately and I thought that was the end of the story.

The following day we noticed Sarah had some mucus and she kept sneezing too. “It’s the symptoms of flu”, so we laments.

In the evening just when Sarah was playing with toys at the supermarket she had a huge sneeze! OMG, I was shock to see some “colourful thing” stick out from her nostril; I quickly pulled it out and this is what I saw…

By then I can finally recalled the bendable ruler episode…

Kids do the darndest thing.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


As far as I am concern I do not have allergy toward anything, so I thought…

Until recently, the one that befall me was really a serious one! I woke up from my nap (on the fifth day of Chinese New Year) and found the back of my neck, scalp and my back were extremely itchy; after thorough checked, I realized the itchiness was caused by rashes. Without further delay, I rushed to see my family doctor and was given some medication and cream to apply.

I really thought it was settled as the rashes subside almost entirely at night. Alas, but things got worst the next day, now my whole body was covered with the red spots.

Then we decided to see another doctor for further consultation (My family doctor was off on Saturday evening). I had a jab this time with new medication. The doctor did comment that even with jab thing might take few days to recover...which it does.

And my lower lip and mouth started to swollen the following days due to side-effect of the medication. It was not a pleasant feeling as I can’t speak well and unable to close my mouth tight.

Thank God, everything seems getting better on the fifth day as the rashes has ran it course.

Now, I’m back in the pink of health. If you were to ask me, I still have no idea what is the reason that trigger the outbreak, but my best guess is the change of hormone (during menstruation).

I just prayed hard that it would not “attack” me once again!

(270112 - 310112)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The outing to Critterland supposed to be held during the December holiday; but unfortunately Sarah was down with cough and for that we forced to cancel the plan.

Not wanting to disappoint her, we made the trip once she recovered a week later. Sarah was super excited the moment we reached the place, and she loves most of the climbing structures basically.

Me and daddy also joined the fun. For us, the long and steep slides are the most challenging one! I really salute Sarah for her courage in playing it numerous times.

We spent two hours in the play land and I guess it’s enough to make all of us exhausted. Sarah kept comment that she wish to revisit the place again but I think we will pick a nearer one than Serdang the next time.