Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing…Bus, and Train

Boat Riding was a new experience for Sarah; but she did not enjoy that as much as these two.

First School Excursion

The destination was Ostrich Wonderland at Semenyih; and the main and most important reason that attracted her was the one-hour bus riding.

Sarah insisted daddy and mommy not to join the trip (anyway, her school does not allow so). We believe she would enjoy the excursion much better without our presence; she was quite independent when comes to her school activities.

On that morning, we just dropped her off with teachers and then we left. We even did not stayed for a glimpse when she boarding the bus.

Anyway, is always nice to know that Sarah has grown up so much from the trip. She told us that she enjoyed singing in the bus (as a reward, the bus driver gave her little pressie). She also joined activities like poney riding, rabbit feeding and etc at the farm.

Too bad we don’t have Sarah’s excursion pictures, as all the pictures were “exclusively” owned by the school. We were told we can only purchase them at the end of the year.

Train Ride
It is always in our “list” to bring Sarah to ride the train. It was a joy ride on LRT.

Sarah seldom been so energetic in the morning. She walked a lot at the KLCC shopping centre without complaining of tiredness; she loves spending time in the toy shops.

We guess Sarah was in a good mood. She played photographer and even took a photo of us!

It was a great exposure for her and we all went home with a smile on our face.



Small Kucing said...

that is fun

syahidahishak said...

Nice picture! Send regards to Sarah and Hubby.

prince n princess mum said...

Fun ride!~

ChloeRuoyi said...

In such a short period of time, Sarah experienced so many different modes of transportation. Nice outings ya :)

Shenny's mommy said...

Look like lots of fun for Sarah.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

HweiLi, Shenny's Mommy, Kylie, Kathy:
It was an inexpensive way to have fun and exposure.
Have a nice weekend ladies:-)

You take good care at Genting yeah.

Alice Law said...

Such great exposure, next round should plan further trip. How abt a KTM ride to Ipoh?;D

UmmiRosma said...

Awesome...what a memorable experience. My kids always want to ride on a bus...but until now we still havent ranted their wish. Its quite hard to get a bus here..

Please come over to claim your award ya...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ooo...I hope Sarah will enjoy a longer journey in train.
I know she will started get very impatient and asking about the time to reach the destination.

It was indeed a great exposure for Sarah. We loved the outing.
Is it? Hard to get a bus from your place? How about taking have a short vacation within Brunei by sign up tour bus trip? Is another way/method for Habibi and Habibati have some fun.
Thanks so much for the award. I will hop to your blog soon.

Rose said...

Hope we able to have the "train ride" in our list when we going to KL in November with the kids. I am sure they will enjoy the ride, although my girl has sat in a train during our family trip in Korea last year.

Alice Law said...

Hi Sarah's mommy! It's a great idea to replace Prego tomato sauce instead of canned tomato, you can even make your own tomato sauce. Just stew 4-5 fresh tomatoes in salt water for abt 20 mins, peel the skin, mash it and set aside. Saute 2 cloves of garlic and a large diced onion with butter, pour in the mashed tomatoes and season with pepper and salt to taste, yum! I reckon it even taste better thn Prego, on top of preservative and flavoring free!;D

p/s: For bread and pastry, I usually bake at 200C for abt 10-15 mins(it also depends on your oven temp, every oven kinda differ though).

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!^^

syahidahishak said...

God bless you all!!

KY said...

Must be a very fun ride for Sarah. Most kids like train and bus rides I guess. Kids in Malaysia are very lucky as they seldom take public transport :) Don't need to be packed like

In Singapore, bus and train rides are not stranger to young kids as cars are too expensive here. There are pros and cons for each I guess. I personally feel young kids who are used to take public transports are less shy as they are exposed to many many strangers on the public transports each minus the comfort of course :P

Next shall try cruise and planes :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...


King Yin:
Hi, How are you and Val? Sorry for not visiting your blog for quite some time.
- I gotto agreed with your comment. Is true that nowadays kids are very lucky. Parents will fetch them wherever they wish to go. And once they got the driving license, parents will buy them a car. Kids totally have no idea about taking public transport.
I personally strongly recommend the idea of letting kids to experience with taking bus and LRT to places. As you said, it makes them feel more brave and less shy.
- Sarah already tried riding on boat last month.
Now, we just waiting for the right time to try planes:-)

Alice Law said...

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Hope I hv answered your queries, thx for stopping bye. Wishing u a wonderful holiday!^^

Alice Law said...

Wow, u must be an owl, lol! I jst woke up frm my nap trying to upload some pics.;D

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Alice Law said...

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