Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing…Bus, and Train

Boat Riding was a new experience for Sarah; but she did not enjoy that as much as these two.

First School Excursion

The destination was Ostrich Wonderland at Semenyih; and the main and most important reason that attracted her was the one-hour bus riding.

Sarah insisted daddy and mommy not to join the trip (anyway, her school does not allow so). We believe she would enjoy the excursion much better without our presence; she was quite independent when comes to her school activities.

On that morning, we just dropped her off with teachers and then we left. We even did not stayed for a glimpse when she boarding the bus.

Anyway, is always nice to know that Sarah has grown up so much from the trip. She told us that she enjoyed singing in the bus (as a reward, the bus driver gave her little pressie). She also joined activities like poney riding, rabbit feeding and etc at the farm.

Too bad we don’t have Sarah’s excursion pictures, as all the pictures were “exclusively” owned by the school. We were told we can only purchase them at the end of the year.

Train Ride
It is always in our “list” to bring Sarah to ride the train. It was a joy ride on LRT.

Sarah seldom been so energetic in the morning. She walked a lot at the KLCC shopping centre without complaining of tiredness; she loves spending time in the toy shops.

We guess Sarah was in a good mood. She played photographer and even took a photo of us!

It was a great exposure for her and we all went home with a smile on our face.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I met with Syida

Two weeks after the posting about Syida, finally I was able to pay her a visit last Sunday together with another ex-colleague.

We go with a heavy heart. Our first impression seeing Syida after seven long years was, she doesn't look like she's in pain; she greeted us with warm and great smile. Syida is such a fighter!

From our two-hour conversation, we got to know her current condition is not so favourable. She can sense the tumor is growing, because it started to affects her writing ability; if without persistent self-help exercising, the complication towards her daily life will be much greater.

So far, the fund accumulated is still way too low to achieve her wish to perform the surgery in US…

Sometimes we are at a loss as to what part we might play in our friend life when they are sick, especially when the sickness goes on for a longer period of time than just the flu.

I only hope my tiny efforts and few simple words of encouragement do help her to get past the bad time.

After hearing so much of her stories, it makes me realized how lucky and blessed I am.

P/S: If you wish to help Syida in any ways, please click here; my heartfelt appreciation for the kindness you have shown Syida.