Thursday, July 14, 2011

She is my friend, her name is Syahidah Ishak

Dear all, allow me to tell you a story about my friend, her name is Syahidah Ishak.

She is my ex-colleague, we fondly called her Syida. To me, I will always be thankful to her for the guidance in teaching me when I’m still a rookie in the company. She is such a kind soul.

Syida was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma last year, a rare brain tumor. Although the tumor is non-cancerous but with the delaying of the surgery it has started causing all sorts of major obstacles and consequences in her daily life.

She lost the hearing in her right ear and was in semi facial paralysis. The tumor effects her balancing and she’s experiencing swallowing difficulty; food and water will get stuck in her throat, hence causing breathing problem.

She was in constant tinnitus and now she has difficulty in closing her right eye and has to cover it with a patch. Knowing her conditions just pains me.

Syida underwent a not-so-successful surgery at HUKM once, and it drains her. Then Syida met a fellow patient Yvonne Foong (an author of “I’m not sick, just a bit unwell”, Yvonne’s story was well-published in the media in the past); and Yvonne has recommends her Dr. Rick Friedman, an American surgeon.

Syida is at her wit end, her aging parent are both pensioners and couldn’t do much. She tried to hide from them initially but they found out nevertheless.

So she’s now tried to raise fund by selling some items online like magnet, T-shirt and umbrella. Judging from the amount she need to raise, she has a mountain to climb; but she’s a fighter, just like Yvonne, she hope to give her life a second chance by having a successful operation by Dr. Friedman in the U.S. by September/October.

This is heartbreaking. I can’t explain why bad things do happen to good people, and I’ve never made a public appeal before. Then again, I’ve never had a friend in such dire need like her.

Her story was published on Malay Mail recently. I really feel sorry for her. I do contribute little monetary wise and feel that I should do more. I will try my level best to get help and support for her, in any form.

So if you have time, do drop Syida a well wishes at her Facebook or Blog. If you want to support her with buying some items, you are most welcomed. If you want to make some contribution, that will be wonderful (no amount is too small). And if you know any other way to help to raise greater fund, please let Syida know.

She is my friend. Her name is Syahidah Ishak.


Small Kucing said...

thanks for the info

Small Kucing said...

Have blog too at Appeal for Syahidah Ishak

syahidahishak said...

Thank you Joanne...!

ladyviral said...

May your friend fight through this.

Good luck! I will help her to send the message across for an appeal too.

Alice said...

I'll pray for her recovery......

UmmiRosma said...

May Alah bless her..amin..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your blessing.

Thank you too.

LV and Kathy:
Dropped my msg at your blog.
I am very appreciate what you have done for Syida.

You are most welcome.
Just a lil help from all of us.

Alice Law said...

I feel sorry for Shida, she has been such a wonderful person and may God bless her!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your blessing.
I will be visiting Syida this weekend. Hope can understand more about her condition and see what else I can do to help her.