Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Migration 2

Sarah’s “migrating” her formula again, this time from Sustagen to Anmum.

It first started when Sarah got a free Anmum gift pack from school one day, she was then fond with the brand name ever since; subsequently she has a chance to try the free sample from testing booth at supermarket…and she claimed she likes it.

For us, it is not a bad idea in switching also as we always wanted her to consume less chocolate-flavour product; hopefully she shall stay long with her new formula.

Kawai Kanyu Drop
Oh-ya, we “migrated” her vitamin too. After searching high and low for the right multi-vitamin, I decided to give a try on Kawai Kanyu Drop.

When I read through the label, it stated that this supplement is packed with Vitamin A, D and C (exactly what I am looking for) and best of all, it is made by Cod Liver Oil. It doesn’t taste fishy or yucky at all; Sarah loves it (so am I)!

By the way, can anyone tell me the right pronunciation of “Kawai”? I am not too sure; could it be Ka-Wai or Ka-Wa-I (E)?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Second Term School Holiday

The two-week school holiday’s finally over and I think time being well-spent by Sarah. On the first week, she had the usual suspect to stay-over with her; and for the other week, we’ve arranged some family outing for bonding time.

Eat, Play, and Run
When Sarah and her cousin “join force”, these are the things they will do…

(290511 - 040611)

It was an impromptu act. On one sunny morning I proposed a picnic for Sarah and my nephew. That was our first time and although the weather was quite hot, the kids really having fun in the open space.

It was truly memorable!

(310511 & 040611)

Sand Castle
Sarah likes beach, not for swimming but simply indulging in making sand castle. We brought her to Bagan Lalang and she could spend hours just to play with sand.

Too bad we are late and the sky is getting dark, so we have to cut short her fun.


Highland Fun
We brought Sarah to Genting Highland to let her enjoy the unlimited kid’s rides. But once there, she was more attracted towards the touch-screen arcade available inside the indoor Theme Park (sigh).

She did try all the rides but she doesn’t look thrilled; anyway, we still praise her being patience while waiting at the long queue.

(100611 - 110611)

At the end of holidays, we worried about Sarah will get cranky for the school re-opening, but amazingly, she was more than excited to going around the house with her backpack, and tell us that she’s happy back to meet her friends and teachers.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Parents-Teachers Day

We have our first Parents-Teachers Day at Sarah’s kindy a week before school holiday. We’ve explained to her in advance but she’s still quite anxious about the event.

At one stage she even asked daddy not to come to her school (strange); and she looked worried when we were in the class with her…I guess she just feel odd that the whole thing is differ from her daily routine.

Anyway, we manage to have a frank discussion with Sarah’s class teacher. Our main concern all this while is about her social and interaction skill; we was told that she has no problem in dealing with other kids and teachers (a huge relief for us) and to our surprise, teacher even commented that Sarah is a helpful girl at class.

The meeting last about 25 minutes and overall we were quite satisfied with what Sarah has achieved so far in the class; but one thing we really feel she needs to improve is “academic” (in writing and colouring).

Comments from class teacher

Development checklist

Some of her works which needs improvement