Friday, May 20, 2011

Lotus Bamboo

I always keen to have a nice garden but I hate the “maintenance” part; therefore, most of my plants are mainly leafy foliage…easier to taking care of, unlike flowers (they dry up easily).

Four years ago, my mom has given me a Lotus Bamboo (观音竹) when I first moved in here. It grows from three feet tall to about seven currently, and the most amazing part is that the bamboo plant has now bear flower!

I have never see anything like that before, not in my garden; even mom also agreed that it is quite “unconventional”. For that reason, I decided to snap a picture of it and share with you all.

The Flower Bulb


But it wither fast, and this is all that’s left


Cynthia said...

wah.. this is a very rare occasion that bamboo got flower.. did you buy toto?

Small Kucing said...

Ya...ppl say if these bamboo bloom means got luck

MeRy said...

Lotus Bamboo....never know about this plant before.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Oo, bamboo plant seldom can be seen at Sibu?
Actually it is a beutiful plant and it is very easy to be grown. It can either plant in soil or water.

Kathy and Cynthia:
Yea, my mom also said the same thing that it stands for good fortune when the plant produce flowers. But I seldom buy 4 ekor.

mNhL said...

Amazing !

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hui Li:
Unique and interesting yeah:-)

Autumn Belle said...

Hi, Sarah's Daddy and Mommy. I stumbled into your blog while searching for lucky bamboos. I think this is Dracaena sanderiana, the same plant that people use for making Lucky Bamboos for good luck and fortune during Chinese New Year. I have one (a gift from my late parents) growing in soil in a flower pot like yours too. We call it the Guan Yin bamboo. Old people like our parents and grandparents know the precious value of this bamboo. It is very auspicious when it flowers. You can grow it indefinitely and/or propagate many many more - e.g. cut stalks for the vases. Hope you have many many lifetime memories associated with this special plant.