Friday, May 6, 2011

Easy Outing

We hardly have casual family outing for the past few weeks or so; we were “force” to be “home bound” too ever since my mom was diagnosed with Bone Spur and recuperating at our house.

Now that mom’s condition is improving, we kept our promise by bringing Sarah to shopping centre during the holiday and let her enjoy the kid’s rides.

We can tell that she was so looking forward to it, and we take pleasure in watching her sitting on her own on most of the rides (except ferries wheel).

Too bad, we did not take many photos but at least daddy managed to capture these before we leave the place.


MeRy said...

Sarah is so pretty...
Hope your mother is doing fine..Takecare!!

Alice said...

where is this place ar?
the tiger toy very pretty......

Small Kucing said...

hope your mom getting better now

gaiki said...

Hope your mum is getting better. Sarah looks so much like you nowadays!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you, Joanne. Hope you had a good celebration!

Serene said...

Sarah looks tall in the picture.. Happy Mother's Day, Joanne!

Rose said...

Glad to hear your mum is alright and at home. Happy Mother's Day!

Mummy Moon said...

I can see from the pic she is very enjoying the outing ya!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Dear all frens,
Happy Mother's Day to you. Thanks for visiting:-)

She was really enjoyed herself. She even did not rushed us home (which she normally do) after she enjoyed all the rides.
She stayed with us shopping until we told her to head home.

Rose, Kathy, Kitty, Mery,
Thank you for your concern my dear frens.
My mom now is back to her own house at PJ. She is doing alright and the good news is she needs not to consult the orthopedics (for he bone spurs) in future. Doc said her condition is very good now, but hopefully the pain would not comes back again!
The main concern now is, my mom really needs to take care of her daily diet, so that her blood sugar level is under control and would not rise once again.

Like Mother like dotter, hehe.

Thanks for your concern.

Yea, she looked tall in the pic.
She is now 103cm.

We went to Sunway Pyramid.
We found the toys from the Jusco toys dpt.

prince n princess mum said...

Take good care of yourself, Joanne..

Little Kit Boy said...

Hope that your mum will fully recover very very soon.

Sarah looks so big girl already. Oh..what a sweet little princess.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you so much for your regards.
I will take care of myself as I have the responsibility to take care of my family and my mom. Thanks again!

Little Kit Boy said...

Is so good to hear that aunty's condition is getting much better now. Please do send my regards to aunty.

Yes, got the same feeling too. Despite is only a short few months since he started this Jan, I now find that he is more 'grown up' as you say, at least when I say 'no', he very less throw tantrum nowadays.

the little prince said...

Great to hear that your mum getting better!

Sarah so happy during the outing!! :-)

slavemom said...

Glad to hear ur mom's getting better. Oooo... haven't seen Sarah for a few mths edi. She's grown so much. Getting prettier by the day. ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Slavemom, thanks for visiting my blog. Long time did not chat with you.
Thanks for your regards about my mom current condition. Me and my family are very happy with her rapid improvement in bone spurs. Hope she will getting better soon.
- As for my boyish Sarah, she has grown up so much yea? I felt the same too:-)
Thanks for your compliment. As I mentioned, she is quite boyish you know. But when she is being dressed up with skirts or dresses, she looked different, hehe.

Hi, how are you? Enjoy your confinement with your princess and prince?
Yes, my mom is getting better now, thanks for concern.
- Hehe, Sarah was a happy girl during the outing.

Thanks Jenny for regards, I will surely let my mom know about it.
- Happy to know that Kit became more "ting hua" after go schooling. Mommy sure sayang him alot:-)
Sarah leh, she became more talkative at home since then.