Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manuka Honey – She like it now

There is a saying that when kids start kindergarten, they will fall sick easily until their immune system gets boosted up.

Knowing this, I am not too bother by those general ailing usually until Sarah got a quite severe cough, twice, in the gap of a week; it tends to get worse through the night, thus disturbing her sleep.

Soon after she recovered from cough, we decided to try her on Manuka Honey (again) besides her daily Vitamin-C intake. We do hope that it help to “nourishing” her lung after recent difficult spell.

Unlike 17 months ago, she like it so much this time; she will licked the spoon clean every time she had it. This is totally unexpected.

These are the words she will say whenever she’s enjoying the honey.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

As for this year Mother’s Day celebration, our plan is pretty simple and straightforward.

Mom’s condition means that she has to follow strict diet. Recommended by a food lover, we were en route to a place serving organic veggies dishes called Chef Low Organic Kitchen.

We were all vastly satisfied with the meal, and Sarah just loves their juice; even a fussy eater and a “carnivore” like my father also agreed that the foods are scrumptious.

After dinner it’s gift time. We gave mom an Osim Foot Massager this year, as she still complained about the numbness on her leg from time to time…

It was a great eating out all in all, and we all really hope that this celebration will put a smile back on mom’s face.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Lotus Bamboo

I always keen to have a nice garden but I hate the “maintenance” part; therefore, most of my plants are mainly leafy foliage…easier to taking care of, unlike flowers (they dry up easily).

Four years ago, my mom has given me a Lotus Bamboo (观音竹) when I first moved in here. It grows from three feet tall to about seven currently, and the most amazing part is that the bamboo plant has now bear flower!

I have never see anything like that before, not in my garden; even mom also agreed that it is quite “unconventional”. For that reason, I decided to snap a picture of it and share with you all.

The Flower Bulb


But it wither fast, and this is all that’s left

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Bento Box

I’ve bought another lunch box for Sarah; the previous one is too small to squeeze all the dry and wet foods together with fruit into just one compartment.

She used to come back home with uneaten fruits; when asked, she told us that it had “mixed up” with other food... “Not nice already”, so she said.

I guess she felt nausea about it.

Now with this two-tier Barney lunch box, the problem solved; furthermore, Sarah boasted happily that no one in the class has the same lunch box as her. Silly girl!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Easy Outing

We hardly have casual family outing for the past few weeks or so; we were “force” to be “home bound” too ever since my mom was diagnosed with Bone Spur and recuperating at our house.

Now that mom’s condition is improving, we kept our promise by bringing Sarah to shopping centre during the holiday and let her enjoy the kid’s rides.

We can tell that she was so looking forward to it, and we take pleasure in watching her sitting on her own on most of the rides (except ferries wheel).

Too bad, we did not take many photos but at least daddy managed to capture these before we leave the place.