Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing Pains

According to Wiki, “Growing pains are pain symptoms relatively common in children. Typically, they are located in the muscles, rather than the joints, of the leg and less commonly the arm…”

I’m not sure about you but the term used to be nothing more than an adjectives to me, until Sarah had her first growing pain a fortnight ago, literally.

She started by limping in the afternoon and feeling the discomfort on her right knee; the pain intensified and effecting her walking later. Back then, hubby just massaged with some ointment on the knee before sent her to sleep…she was alright the subsequent day. It was just one of those random things, so we thought.

And then the pain strike once again, on last Wednesday.

Although it is gone on the next day too but we decided to hear it from the doctor this time; after checking the doctor has explained the exact same information which I found from internet. We were told if the pain is really unbearable then only some pain killer can come into play.

We are so relieved that this thing is harmless, and it is not an illness, thanks God.
(140411 & 200411)

P/S: Growing pain reoccur between 13th to 29th June 2016. Full recovery after one week, without medication.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Healthy Diet

As mentioned on previous post, my mom has been suffered from Bone Spurs and thanks for all of you who concerns and sent regards. Her condition has improved since discharged from hospital, and now she’s resting at my house.

Mom has diabetes too, so her diet needs to be taken care of. I have tried some recipes (which I search from internet) and it does taste good; yet the best of all, my mom likes it.

Oven-Baked Ikan Bilis

Sarah and my mom just love this one. Although it tastes not as flavourful compared to using deep fry method, but they simply love its crunchiness and of little saltiness when added to the plain porridge.

Ginger Fried Rice

My mom’s keen on dishes with ginger usually, so Ginger Fried Rice suits her taste bud well. The fried rice was mild in gingery and spicy, with a nice fragrant from the sesame oil; I also added some Oven-Baked Ikan Bilis to gives extra texture to the dish.

Cucumber, Green Apple and Lemon Juice

This is a must-try juicer recipe! If you hate the taste of raw cucumber, I bet you will change your mind after having the juice, trust me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

School Holiday

This post’s about how Sarah doing during her first school holiday. No homework yet and basically, she spent the whole week with her cousin, “Lik Hwang Kor Kor”.

Both of them had so much great time together; as for me, it gave me some valuable space to busy on my mom’s condition as Sarah was less bothered with me but kept playing with her cousin.

One funny thing is they are quite tolerated with each other at the beginning, but as days goes by, they started to quarrel over small matter towards the end of the week. Sarah would complaint about her cousin for not behaved well and vise-versa.

Nevertheless, I can tell that they enjoyed each other’s company and Sarah’s already asking when “Kor Kor” will come again as soon as the holidays end.